Dancing is one of the things that people shy away from, especially when they have convinced themselves that they have two left feet. Yes! We also know that it can be quite daunting to just get to a place and swallow up the confidence to offer or give up your hand to someone for a dance.

Why we are talking about this? Well! We're about to tell you something that will change your life. BailaAfrika...


What Is This Life Changing BailaAfrika?

Well, BailaAfrika will change your perspective about dance socials completely.

This is the treasure that was established by this awesome Afro Latino dance family, with their undeniable love and passion for dance. They spent many years learning and perfecting the craft of Cuban Salsa and Kizomba whilst pioneering London.

Their team is absolutely amazing and teach the principles that come with being a dancer.


Why You Need To Be Part Of This Experience?

Talking from experience, we love nothing more than to get on the dance floor and feel the joy of feeling exactly that - joy.  We love these socials because of the art of it all and the discipline. Nothing feels greater than enjoying yourself and just being respected.

The dancers, whether professional or not, always show a sense of respect to who they ask to dance, all the rules are laid on the ground from the get-go if you are attending the crash course. During our first experience, the dance instructor clearly stated to everyone, "people think Kizomba and all that comes to mind is the S-word, but Kizomba is all about trust, respect and the feeling it gives you. Treat your partner with respect and you will have a great time".

So, if you really want to get a taste of the Afro Latin culture - then BailaAfrika dance socials are just the thing that you need for a fun and unique experience.


Why You Need To Try This

It might seem daunting to grab a random strangers' hand and dance, but best believe - you will be comfortable. It is the easiest thing to do - just get there, breathe and have fun!

If you want to have a sense of direction, you can join one of their crash course lessons before the actual social or you can just simply join their lessons for something with more longevity.

Where To Find Them?

They have group lessons that they host at the below venues:

Illovo, Sandton - from 7pm at The Hide, 54 Melville Road, Illovo on Mondays for Kizomba and Wednesdays for Cuban Salsa.
Kyalami Corner - from 8pm at Salsa Mexican Grill on alternate Tuesdays
Mall of the South - from 8pm at Life Grand Cafe on first and last Thursdays
Mofolo, Soweto - from 8pm at Dinaledi Market at Eyethu Lifestyle Centre on the 2nd Thursday of the month

Alternatively, you can follow them of their social media pages to find out where they will be next. Check out their Facebook and Instagram.