Nougat - Sally William (Affogato)

We are all familiar with the delicious nougat on offer from Sally Williams. This brand has the most beautifully textured sweet treat. But, did you know that Sally Williams also crafts mouthwatering ice cream? If none of these tickle your fancy, try the yummy Turkish delight or the bitter Belgian chocolate.

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Sally Williams

Cookie Dough - Spoon it!

When we were young and mom was baking, we all eagerly awaited our chance to lick out the mixing bowl. Now we can relive those moments with edible cookie dough from Spoon It! They have multiple options to choose from, which include cookies and cream, chocolate, pink lemonade and vegan cookie dough.

Details: Delivers nationwide.

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Spoon It

Cookies and Ice Cream - Crumbs & Cream

This shop, situated in Illovo, has taken sweet treats to a whole new level. They have combined rich and scrumptious ice cream with crumbly cookies, to bring our favourite childhood treat back to life. They have a variety of cookie and ice cream flavours to choose from. Simply pick an ice cream flavour, sandwich it between your choice of cookies and pile on as many toppings as you dare.

Details: Illovo Junction, Oxford Road & Corlett Drive, Illovo, Johannesburg, Gauteng.

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Crumbs & Cream Illovo Johannesburg

Affogato - Pomodoro Ristorante

Pomodoro Ristorante is an Italian restaurant that offers traditional Italian cuisine. This restaurant has become quite a favourite in Joburg because of their marvelous affogato. Made with creamy ice cream and piping hot espresso, this is a must-try sweet treat.

Details: Shop U36, Morningside Shopping Centre, Rivonia and Outspan Road, Morningside, Sandton, Johannesburg, Gauteng.

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What Is Affogato?

Affogato is a scoop of good ice-cream drowned in a scorching shot of espresso, these ingredients combine to create the perfect dessert. As simple as this sounds, the taste is nothing close to simple.

Originating from Italy, this sweet treat has become a popular after-dinner indulgence in Joburg. Try is at any one of these great eateries.

Saint Restaurant

Saint Restaurant

Saint Restaurant is one of the most loved restaurants in Sandton. This restaurant is home to one of the most delicious affogatos around. They have jazzed up their affogato offerings to create a bittersweet treat that will tantalise your taste buds.

If you are craving a sweet treat, then this is the place you should visit.

Cafe Del Sol Bonatico

Cafe Del Sol Bonatico offers traditional Italian delights. There are a few branches across the city, so you have no excuse not to pop by. Their affogato is simply delicious for any time of the day. We recommend it as a start and end to your meal.

Pomodoro Ristorante

Pomodoro Ristorante

Pomodoro Ristorante is an Italian restaurant that specialises in traditional eats. One of their top offerings is the affogato, with a shot of espresso and a scoop of the most delicate ice-cream. This is a must-visit spot for anyone seeking good quality Italian fare.

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