School Holiday Fun For The Kids

This December, Cradlestone Mall will be bringing youngsters plenty of wild fun and thrilling themed holiday activities to keep boredom at bay. Their holiday fun programme will be available throughout the mall from 12 December 2018 to 06 January 2019 along with a jungle playground.

Adrenaline-pumping inflatables will be all the buzz in the Adventure Park (in the open parking with an entrance fee of R30 per child), but there’s also lots of fun to be had INSIDE the mall. They’ve put together various inflatable activities that are not only exciting but affordable!


Under The Sea Obstacle Course

As you guessed, this obstacle course is ocean-themed! Kids will enter through monstrous shark jaws, tackle their way through the wavy obstacle course, face the scary Kraken and make their final escape through the Pirates Cove. It's an adventure like no other!

Animal Express Train

All aboard the Animal Express Train! This one is the perfect activity for kiddos who have a love for trains. They'll take a scenic trip through Cradlestone Mall and jump, jump, jump!

Rainbow Rush

Hey kids, ever wondered what it would be like to slide down a rainbow? Now is the time to find out, so make your way to the Rainbow Rush! Here you'll get the chance to slide down an 8m high rainbow. Trust us, it's not scary, just a lot of colourful fun!

Rain, Rainbows & Sand Go Hand In Hand

Kids will have a blast digging for gold nuggets and gems galore. There'll be plenty of buckets, spades and shiny delights. And if they're willing and daring enough, they can try out the water experience with giant fun props.


Tropical Jungle Playground, Woolworths Court

This play area has it all — lots of wild animals and plenty of exotic plants dangling from a thicket of vines above. From the first step, kids get swiftly teleported into a world of wonder as they walk beside gigantic flowers in an array of tropical colours. It’s the perfect spot for a photo.

The adventure heats up a notch with danger ahead! The little ones must balance as they cross a perilous swing bridge that hangs over blazing coals and flames to make it to the other side while dodging the poisonous fire-snakes! Once out of danger, they must crawl on all fours through a cobwebbed, dark, mysterious cave while avoiding the giant spiders!

Leaving the cave, there's a jump up onto another bridge and slide down to the next branch of the adventure. The little explorers will have to get down on their 'paws' to discover all the treasure that lies beneath them. Best they grab some tools and start digging. If they look between the plain old rocks and they could spot precious rubies, sapphires and diamonds! And at the very edge of the forest is where the real fun awaits – run-up ramps, ropes, slides, a crawl-through tunnel, wooden decks, a mini-rock climb and more.

King Kong's Hideout, Mugg & Bean

There will be plenty of jumping fun through the gigantic gorilla!

Who's Who In The Zoo, Edgars Court

Don't miss the opportunity to take selfies with the majestic animatronic Panda and White Tiger! There'll also be arts, crafts and fun quizzes here.


Jungle Vibe Tribe, The Game Court

Let the kids set their wild side free at the Jungle Vibe Tribe Shack. Here, they'll get to work on their drumming on rustic jungle drums and war cry skills. They'll examine the optical illusion wall of natural wonders and challenge themselves with Jungle Fear Factor, where they'll have to be brave and stick their fingers into jars of Jungle Frog’s Eyes, Slippery Slime and other weird wonders!

Interactive Wildlife Talks

And in this area, kids can play with creepies, crawlies and cutesies. There will also be interesting and interactive talks on the animals. The time schedule is available on the Cradlestone Mall's Facebook page. Let the adventures begin!

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You can also contact them on 010 020 1234.

Bowling & Movies

When was the last time you went ten-pin bowling? Not too sure? Well, grab the gang and head to the bowling alley at Gold Reef City. With 12 state of the art ten pin bowling lanes, the alley offers cosmic bowling under UV lights that will add excitement to your matches. Once you're done bowling, head to [email protected] Reef City. Tsogo Sun Rewards cardholders can score 30% off their tickets!

Gold Reed City Bowling

Source: Gold Reef City

Kids Will Enjoy The Magic Company

Let the kids enjoy some gaming of their own at The Magic Company. Sporting a newly remodeled, bright and exciting look, this spot is great fun for both young and the young at heart. There are plenty of fun activities and, of course, the latest and classic arcade games. Play as many games as you want and collect as many tickets as you can, then pop by the Prize Shop to exchange your tickets for some prizes.

Gold Reef City Magic Company

Gaming Galore

Experience the thrill of it all as you take on the house and dance with Lady Luck. The gaming area is fitted with food stands, a bar, and friendly staff that will warm up the coldest winter days. And if you don't feel like taking a drive home, why not book yourself a comfortable room at the Southern Sun Gold Reef City hotel or Gold Reef City Theme Park Hotel? Also, please remember to gamble responsibly.

Tsogo Sun proudly supports the National Responsible Gambling Programme. Only persons over 18 are permitted to gamble. National problem gambling toll free counselling line 0800 006 008 or send a "Please call me" or sms to 076 675 0710.

Gold Reef City Gaming

Plenty Of Awesome Restaurants

With several restaurants to choose from, such as Vigour & Verve and Calisto's, there is something for everyone. If you join the Tsogo Sun Rewards programme at Gold Reef City you will score 10% off your bill at participating restaurants. And if you need just a quick bite before you get back to all the entertainment, there are many fast food spots to choose from.

Gold Reef City Restaurants

Source: Gold Reef City

Thrills at the Theme Park

During off-peak season the Gold Reef City Theme Park sees less foot traffic, meaning you can go on the Anaconda as many times as you want to. You can also expect tasty treats, hot dogs and burgers on sale too! With 16 thrill rides, 14 dedicated rides for the little ones, a Jump City Trampoline Park, the only authentic underground mine tour in Johannesburg, 12 dining options, seven retail stores, plus 15 other attractions, there won't be a dull moment on your radar when you visit this winter wonderland.

Gold Reef City

Theatrical Musts

Feel like a little bit of theatre? Then be sure to check out what will be taking centre state at the Lyric Theatre this winter. One show that'll definitely keep the cold at bay is Ignited, a fiery new extravaganza that'll certainly warm you up with amazing dance performances and music. It'll be taking stage from Friday, 24 May 2019 until Sunday, 16 June 2019. Tickets cost R100 per person and can be bought at or Computicket. Click here to find out more about this show.

Gold Reef City

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For more information on Gold Reef City and their winter lineup, visit

You can also contact them on 011 248 5000.

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Cedar Square 

A stone's throw away from Fourways Mall, Cedar Square is a wonderland for the little ones. With downhill skiing, tubing and even snowboarding there's tons to do. On the ground floor, there is a massive play area filled with jungle gyms, soccer pitches and goalie posts and even a restaurant where the little ones can make their own pizzas. To be a kid at Cedar Square is something adults can envy. Speaking of adults, there's a lot of cool shops to check out while the kids do kids stuff. The play area is under supervision, and young adults play with the children and make sure that they do not scrape their knees or bump their heads during play time.

Clearwater Mall

With a dedicated play area right next to the food court, a frozen yoghurt parlour upstairs and a massive 3D cinema, Clearwater Mall is packed with fun stuff to do. Kids can run up and down, and climb and slide their way to happiness. You can keep an eye on the little ones as you enjoy one of the many fine restaurants that litter the massive food court... or maybe send them off to the cinema upstairs with popcorn money. Either way, they are sure in for a great time.

Greenstone Shopping Centre

Kids are super welcome at Greenstone Shopping Centre. With a designated play area, loads of cool gadget stores to check out and a Rush trampoline park... the sky is the limit. Jimmy Jungle's premier indoor adventure park is a must visit for the kiddies as well. There's also a bowling alley and a 3D cinema. The only thing left to do is let the children run wild while you sit back and enjoy a bingo session or a hearty meal at one of the many brilliant restaurants.


Fancy some ice skating? Then head to Northgate and get carving on the ice. The little ones will have a ball as they race up and down the rink and learn a new skill or three. Right across the hall from the ice rink is one of the last decent gaming arcades to hang out at. From table soccer to Time Crisis III can be jammed at the arcade. There is a wide a selection of racing games too. Other than that, there's the cinema equipped with a super cool slushy machine... grape flavored slushy, anyone?

By Shawn Greyling

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