In the past 10 years the television has evolved from a big box of cathode ray contraptions to slim, sexy LED machines capable of displaying ultra sound and crisp 4k picture. With that said, LG recently announced its new OLED TV, which combines the best picture quality with an ultra-premium picture-on-glass design unlike any other television. In a recent interview with Academy Award winning film director, Francis Ford Coppola, Coppola applauded LG's OLED range for its true-black and vivid display. The Godfather director went on to say that the OLED is the ultimate in display and produces an image the world deserves to see.

All of these elements contribute to an improved visual experience. However, when it comes to producing a more realistic picture, other aspects of picture quality are also equally, if not more important, in communicating the creative intent of the director. This requires more than just an increased spatial resolution and colour reproduction rate; it requires a greater contrast ratio and a higher dynamic range. LG has introduced its new OLED TV line-up, which features the Ultra HD Premium seal of recognition from the UHD Alliance for meeting the demanding standards set by the industry organisation for resolution, high dynamic range, peak luminance, black levels, wide colour gamut and audio quality, among other criteria.

With an abundance of positive reviews, the LG OLED TV display has been hailed as a perfect display technology. Experts recognise that OLED’s purest black serves as a platform that improves the TV’s colour palette. The self-lighting OLED panel also serves as a great platform for HDR content playback. LG’s 2016 OLED TVs support the industry-standard HDR formats established by the world’s leading broadcasters, film studios and consumer electronics manufacturers such as HDR10 and Dolby Vision.