365-Skin Workout Is Here!

Skin Fitness is the new way to treat, train and build your skin back to life. Hailing from Barcelona, 365-Skin Workout is South Africa’s premiere, fitness-first skincare range that does all the hard work for you. Inspired by leading-edge, global pharma-cosmeceutical trends, this all-new, multi-functional skincare range is setting a record for skin repair, in just 8 weeks.

It’s no surprise that South Africa’s favourite franchise salon brand, Sorbet, has partnered exclusively with its first-to-market 365 skin coaching treatments and products.

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How It Works

In order to build muscle and fitness in our bodies, consistent training is key. Similarly, 365-Skin Workout collaborates with your skin to include the inside training and strength building it needs every day, all year, in order to shape its barrier function to its personal best and maintain it.

The range divides its product line into the four stages of a workout: Warm Up; Cardio; Strength Training and Cool Down – all of which come with their own active ingredients, for inspired results.

The brand’s supersonic skin scanner is a win, too! The 365 skin scanner is a revolutionary product, designed for accurate skin analysis, quickly detecting UV damage, cellular activity, wrinkle depth, hydration levels and a whole lot more.


Based on the scanner results, guests are paired with a tailored 365 Skin Kit - to suit their current skin fitness levels.

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365 Skin Kits include:

Even more good news for fitness enthusiasts, is that all 365 Skin Workout products are paraben, lanolin, mineral oil and perfume free. They are not tested on animals and the packaging is contamination free, too.
365 retail products are available at all Sorbet Salons nationwide.

For More Information

For more information about the 365-Skin Workout, visit www.sorbet.co.za.

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