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Surprising Causes Of Chapped Lips

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Warmer months of the year are the worst for your lips. Despite high humidity during much of the spring and summer, lips go through blazing sun, high heat, and just plain old wear and tear. This can lead to red, dried out or chapped lips, which can be really painful and not-so-pretty! However, if you know how to take care of your pout properly, you can keep them smooth and soft. Perfect-Shades-of-Nude-Lipstick


Smoking can cause a lack of circulation and lead to chapped lips and even wrinkles. Yikes!


Wearing an SPF (sun protection factor) on your lips is vital because if you don’t, they’ll get sunburnt and dry out.


Parabens are present in most commercial lipsticks, and can be very damaging to the delicate skin on your lips.


Fragrances of any kind are also present in a lot of lipsticks, and are terribly drying.

Camphor And Menthol

Yup, these two ingredients that are found in most lip care products are actually really drying!

Dry Air

Dry air created when you switch on the air conditioner will leave your lips feeling very dehydrated.

What are your go-to lip balms to keep your lips in tip top condition all year round?

By Candice May


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