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#SupportLocal: We Attended A Conversations With Niki” Coffee Morning

#SupportLocal: We Attended A Conversations With Niki” Coffee Morning

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Popular Talk Show Host, Niki Seberini is on a mission to help people get "unstuck". She describes herself as an ordinary person trying to make her way through life as happily as possible – and she wants to help YOU do the same!  

If the name Niki Seberini sounds familiar, then you might have heard this popular talk show host interviewing a number of famous people over the years. But did you know that she also calls herself an “inspirational storyteller”? And inspire, she does.

By regularly hosting “Conversations with Niki”, an intimate gathering where she shares her own very personal story of “Getting Unstuck”, Niki reveals the various tips and techniques that she uncovered on her journey - tools she feels will help others achieve clarity of thought and make friends with their reality.

At the core, these coffee mornings open a conversation – an opportunity for people to hear about her journey and absorb the lessons learnt. Niki’s very personal and relaxed style results in a laidback couple of hours where no-one stands on ceremony, and the discussions flow effortlessly.

We covered a LOT of territories that morning - everything from examining our perceptions and practicing entry-level meditation to how much screen time our children should be allowed – we chatted about it all (while drinking the outstanding coffee from Urban Grind Roasters in Parkhurst.)

I have no doubt that each and every morning session is completely different, depending on those that choose to attend. But at its core is a woman who got real with herself, began applying the phenomenal lessons she uncovered while interviewing some of the world’s greatest minds (and souls), and is happy to share them with those that are open to thinking about their lives a little differently.

I cannot recommend it enough – for those that feel stuck, those that are caught in the treadmill of life, or even those wondering “is this all there is to life?”

You can view some of Niki’s talks and interviews online, and follow her on Facebook to be kept up-to-date on when her next “Conversations with Niki” will be taking place.

For More Information

For more information about Conversations with Niki, visit or check her out on Facebook.


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