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Super Bowl LVII Winner By Division

Super Bowl LVII Winner By Division

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The Los Angeles Rams won Super Bowl LVI against the Cincinnati Bengals last season 23-20. Los Angeles plays in the NFC West division, and Cincinnati plays in the AFC North division. There are divisions that are always better than others every single year in the NFL.

The Super Bowl Lines have been fluctuating ever since the 2022 NFL schedule came out. Who has the best odds of having a Super Bowl winner from each NFL division?

AFC West +350

To no surprise at all, the AFC West has the best odds to potentially have a Super Bowl winner. They will potentially have at least three teams make it to the NFL Playoffs this season in the AFC. With having seven teams in the postseason now, is there a shot they could have all four in the tournament?

This will be a wait-and-see process, but this is not shocking by any means of the realm. The Kansas City Chiefs, the Los Angeles Chargers, the Las Vegas Raiders, and the Denver Broncos all have elite quarterbacks to contend for a Super Bowl LVII title. Kansas City has Patrick Mahomes, Denver has Russell Wilson, Las Vegas has Derek Carr, and Los Angeles has Justin Herbert.

They all improved this offseason defensively. The AFC West football games are going to be wild this season in the division, and it is going to be wacky from start to finish.

AFC East & NFC West +450

The AFC East division and the NFC West division have the second-best Super Bowl odds of having a Super Bowl LVII winner. Let’s be real about this. 

The only team that is going to win the Super Bowl out of the AFC East is the Buffalo Bills. They have Josh Allen and Sean McDermott combination. The New England Patriots, the New York Jets, and the Miami Dolphins are not going anywhere.

They are an afterthought of being title contenders anytime soon. Any of those teams will be lucky to even make it to the NFL Playoffs this season.

As for the NFC West, they could have three contenders: The Los Angeles Rams, the Arizona Cardinals, and the San Francisco 49ers. Los Angeles has Matthew Stafford, an elite defense, and Sean McVay for the Rams. 

The Cardinals have Kyler Murray at quarterback and other elite players as well. Kliff Kingsbury needs to prove himself once again this season as the head coach for Arizona. 

The 49ers have been to the NFC Championship Game the last two of three seasons with one Super Bowl appearance. San Francisco has a talented roster from top to bottom, but it all comes down to quarterback Trey Lance and head coach Kyle Shanahan.

AFC North +550

The AFC North has the third-best super bowl odds to have a team from their division win Super Bowl LVII this season. If you are going to place a bet on Super Bowl futures, the two teams that it would most likely be is the Cincinnati Bengals or the Baltimore Ravens. Also, the Pittsburgh Steelers feel like a fringe playoff contender at best, and the Cleveland Browns are a complete dumpster fire right now.

Cincinnati has a loaded offensive and defensive roster with Joe Burrow leading the way. Zac Taylor is the head coach. 

Baltimore hopes to remain healthy this season, and they finished last at 8-9 after an 8-3 start because of it. Lamar Jackson is one of the most electrifying quarterbacks in the entire NFL and will have an easy schedule this season.

Pittsburgh will find a way to finish over .500 under head coach Mike Tomlin because that is what they do. Fans expect them to win a Super Bowl this season, but it probably won’t be happening. Can the defense be better outside of T.J. Watt, Minkah Fitzpatrick, and Cameron Heyward for the Steelers?

Cleveland is a mess because of the Deshaun Watson fiasco, and they are stuck with Jacoby Brissett at quarterback because Baker Mayfield wants out. Andrew Berry and head coach Kevin Stefanski messed it up big time for them, and it could potentially set the Browns franchise years back. 


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