Summer Essential Oils

The season we all have been waiting for as a city has arrived. And we want to smell amazing smells, all around us. So, what better way is there, than to get one of these essential oils for summer. They are a hit, and you will love them, check it!

Summer Essential Oils


Lavender is one of the most amazing smells under the sun, and we think it fits right with the season, so get yourself one of these goodies and your summer will feel like summer, like in that Childish Gambino song, jam to it, while you’re at it! Lavender is specifically known for being an anti-anxiety sleep aid, a muscle relaxant, a pain reliever, an antibacterial for wounds and burns, it is also amazing with skin, so if you have dry skin, eczema, and any insect bites, because you already know the mosquitoes are having a party because this is their time to shine, but Lavender is here to save the day with those bites.


Ahh lemon flavoured essential oils are to die for. They have a cooling, antiseptic, antidepressant, diuretic, and antioxidant-loaded properties, we all know that lemons are fresh naturally so imagine what a lemon essential oil would give you. Exactly, a fresh feeling, and we all know that we need to stay fresh all summer long, that is the name of the game. They have many uses, you can treat them as a body oil for cellulite and so many more, we want to stay toned this summer.

German Chamomile

If you have allergies then don’t stress because German Chamomile is here to save the day. This essential oil works very well with allergies and anti-inflammatory so don’t you worry when this one is in your bag somewhere.


Gets rid of flies and mosquitoes so if you have any bug bugging you, don’t you worry. This type of oil is used in aromatherapy applications, where it slows or prevents the growth or spread of harmful airborne bacteria, repels flying insects, uplifts negative moods, and relaxes the body and mind. It is also commonly known to reduce muscles spasms, ease headaches and boost energy.

Almond Oil 

We all want good skin this December, we actually want good skin all year round. But don’t you worry if you have this Almond Oil near by you’ll be good in no time! This one is used on the face and body, you can choose to apply it straight or mix it with other essential oils of your choice to give you the best results. This essential out is also ideal for massages, so you’re definitely are going to have a blissful summer.

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