How To Suit Yourself And Become The Mr Dapper Of The Town

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Nothing is sexier than a man in a fitted, well tailored suit - obviously style also fits this equation, which is why we had to share these spots.

Okay! Let's be honest, both ladies and gents like well fitted suits, both for different reasons. Let's explore these amazing suit spots that will offer the best design and fit, and maybe extra confidence.

Suit Yourself...

Suit Spots


This started out as a business wear store at the Oriental Plaza. They have now grown into one of the most elite and sought after stores to get the perfect suit. Khaliques has built up a reputation over the years. They ensure that every gentleman walks out looking dapper.

They design suits for different occasions - be it gala dinners, office or black tie events. And, they offer jeans and accessories like Happy Socks, bow ties and arm bands for those that don't want to go full formal.

With close to 40 years in the business, you can expect quality - without a doubt.

Suit Spots


Situated in the urban and modern hub that is Melrose ArchCavalier sits as every modern and classic man's dream store to get a perfect suit.

Known as the master of wedding suit craftsmanship, they pride themselves in making every piece unique. These fashionable, hand-crafted suits are a hit with everyone wanting that perfect fit. Any gentleman can certainly vouch for their suits.

An added cherry on top, the staff can give you some tips - you will notice that they are quite fashionable themselves.

Suit Spots

The Executive

The Executive houses the exclusive brand, Baalbek - which has become a reputable brand in the country, especially by men who love their formal wear.

Why Baalbek, you ask? This name simply came came from a place in East Lebanon. We can understand the connection as Baalbek has kept the traditional traits in their items of sublime clothing.

The Executive offers everything you need to dress from head to toe. They have suits, jackets, ties, shoes and belts. There is ample options to choose from, to mix and match to get that perfect outfit.

Why A Suit? 

Well! Every gentleman needs a suit or at least one tux in his cupboard, it's just common courtesy - you never know what event you may need to dress for.

Now, that we have take the first step to being dapper; you can go and visit these amazing stores.


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