Student Bars In Pretoria

You’ve soldiered through all-nighters to finish that 5 000-word essay for your engineering class. And you’ve studied your brains out to ensure you pass your next mathematics semester test. It’s been tough, but you finally make it to Friday. To reward yourself for putting in the hours, why not rally up your mates and head to the local for a drink or two and a little socialising? You know what they say about all work and no play …

student bar

You want to excel at varsity, that’s for sure. Think about the cool clothes and that car you want to drive some day soon. Success will ensure that you do. But won’t make the most of your varsity/college experience by keeping your head in the books, non-stop. To ensure you add some life experience into the mix, head to the coolest bars within the area to meet fellow students and let the conversation flow. There’s nothing like a good debate to open up minds and to get you thinking. And, if you’re lucky, you might even score a few drink specials that won’t mess with your student budget too much.

So, if you’re wondering where to find all the interesting people from varsity, check out these popular hangouts just minutes away from TUKS. There really is no reason for you to stay, all lonely, in res on a Friday night.

Cool Bars In Pretoria

  1. Springbok Bar – 495 Hilda Street, Hatfield, Pretoria / +27 (012) 362 7766 / /
  1. Aandklas – Corner Prospect Road and 494 Hilda Street, Hatfield, Pretoria / +27 (012) 362 3712 / /
  1. The Blue Room Hatfield – 1057 Arcadia Street, Hatfield, Pretoria / +27 (012) 342 7330 / /
  1. Joe Public Hatfield – 1115 Burnett St, Hatfield, Pretoria / +27 72 027 9001 / com/JoePublicHatfield
  1. Lucky Rodrigo – Corner Alpine Way and Hillside Street, Lynnwood, Pretoria / +27 72 853 4468 / /
  1. Baraćas Wine & Beer Bar – 56 Totius Street, Groenkloof, Pretoria / +27 (012) 460 5291 /

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