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Streetwear No Longer A Subculture - The Index By Spree

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Nothing looks more 'springy' than a pair of shorts and sneakers and if you need to get your hands on a new pair of kicks, then you're in luck! Now, you can find Spree on Superbalist, your one-stop spot for fashion statements. 

The Index By Spree on mode. Every season, there's a new wave of styles, trends and looks, sometimes even the old becoming new again. But the question is, where can we get these super-cool, on-trend streetwear? Spree has launched The Index, a new online sneaker and streetwear destination for men and women, offering a curated selection of leading brands such as adidas, Puma, Reebok, Converse, Fila, Vans and New Balance.

Spree The Index

What was once an underground street culture has turned into a mass consumer movement. Sneakers are for everyone, and the rise in popularity was impossible for Spree to ignore. This new online destination is going to be popular and, thanks to technology, sneaker and streetwear shopping has never been easier. Simply just order online, pay and your products will be shipped right to your doorstep at a click of a button.

Sneakers Have The Power To Transcend

Sneakers have the inimitable power to transcend boundaries of gender, age and socioeconomic standing, positioning them as the footwear of choice for millions. As fashionista and streetwear devotee Naledi Radebe puts it, "At the most basic level, sneakers are a form of transport. At the highest, they are a symbol of character and status. All these shoes say something about the people that own them. They’re a representation of the energy and vibe you as an individual want to emit to the world.” It is safe to say that in today’s world, sneakers go way beyond fashion or functionality – they signify who you are through the choices you make.

Spree The Index

Spree The Index

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