Step Into Summer With Soul

Summer means it’s time to dig out your sandals from their hiding places and slip them on! If you need to invest in a new pair for this season, then be sure to check out the incredible vibrant sandals the brand-new brand, Soul, has to offer. 

Step Into Summer With Soul

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What Is Soul?

Fascinated by the handcrafted springbok fur and tire-tread sandals her greens keeper wore, Giovanna First just had to meet up with the artisan who created these works of art. Three years later Giovanna, Hermi, Lucky and his wife Vivi, have created the incredible shoe brand and product that is now Soul.

With a mix of Italian style, Greek flair, and a South African touch, the soul team get their inspiration and creativity from their Mediterranean heritage and African soul. Each and every pair is made with love, passion, and extreme attention to detail, and exudes personality and style with the use of colour, pompoms, tassels, beads, and dyed animal hair. There is no limitation to creativity, texture, and colour mixing!

Materials to create these stunning pieces of footwear are mainly sourced locally, but additional embellishments and trimmings are sourced overseas. Each pair has its own unique finishings and details, making it a one-of-kind.


The Shoes Are Made In An Environmentally Friendly Manner

Soul sandals are made from vegtan leather which is naturally has a tinged beige colour, along with a natural, woody earth scent. This type of leather has so many advantages, including its colouring and texture, strength and durability, as well as its natural ageing quality.

Take Your Pick From Seven Sandal Styles

The current range consists of seven different sandal styles, namely:

  • The Roxy
  • The Vivi
  • The Lucky
  • Lucky Twist
  • The Kili
  • The Ermioni
  • The Vali

For More Information

For more information about Soul and their range, keep an eye out for their online store which will be launching soon at

You can also check them out on Facebook and Instagram @soulanima.



Win a pair of Vali-styled sandals from Soul valued at R1 900! Check out how to enter below.

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