Starbucks Opened In Rosebank Today!

Attention coffee addicts: Starbucks has arrived and opened their doors bright and early this morning in Rosebank. Here’s what you can expect.

At 07:30 on this chilly morning, Starbucks Coffee opened their doors to its first store on South African soil. Loads of devoted coffee lovers queued patiently in anticipation of what they could expect. If you weren’t able to make it down to the opening this morning, not to stress – our team here at were some of the first people to get their hands on one of the delicious brews, and we’re pretty excited to report back on everything about our city’s very first Starbucks store.


The interior of the cafe is inviting – your typical Starbucks hub. If you’re not sure what this entails, think plush couches, wooden tables and chairs, walls plastered with all kinds of artsy things, and an uber-modern coffee bar with some of the most enthusiastic baristas around. At this particular store, there’s also a breezy outdoor section with comfortable benches.

At the coffee bar, you can order up a number of drool-worthy drinks and eats. On the menu, you’ll find classics like cappuccinos and vanilla lattes, as well as more indulgent options like caramel cream Frappuccinos and classic hot chocolates. On the food side, there’s everything from English muffins and wraps, to cake slices and pastries. Then there’s also the Reserve Bar – a smaller bar that specialises in smaller batches and limited release beans sourced from all around the world, which cater to the more discerning palate.


Surprisingly, prices aren’t as high as what you might’ve braced yourself for, with a venti-sized (the biggest size) Frappuccino priced at R42, and an English muffin topped with ham, cheese sauce and aged cheddar at R30. More affordable than expected? We thought so, too! They also have a bunch of goodies that you can buy to take home on offer, from mugs to house blend coffee.

The fabulous new Starbucks store is a great spot for freelancers (and the like) to do some work, for business people to hold meetings, or simply for city socialites to sip on one of the world’s most renowned brews while catching up with friends. If you pop into the new Starbucks store in Rosebank, we’d love to know your thoughts! If you’ve already been, what did you order and did you enjoy it?


PS: To keep up to date with Starbucks South Africa, be sure to follow them on Facebook.


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