Spruce Up Your Kitchen!

If you love your kitchen then you love kitchenware. Even if you’re not a kitchen person, we have compiled a list of items to help spruce up yours and make you fall in love with it again! 


Pylones Grater

It’s not a complete kitchen without a fancy grater, so get yourself one! This signature item from Pylones will definitely brighten up any kitchen and makes the act of grating any food item that much more exciting. Offered in different colours, you are spoilt for choice!

Pylones Dustpan & Brush Cendrillon

A clean kitchen is a happy kitchen! Besides, who is going to eat food out of a dirty kitchen anyway? Throw away the Cinderella generic cleaning equipment and upgrade to the Pylones Dustpan & Brush. Cleaning stops feeling like a chore with this set… more like a mini fairytale.


4 Packs Vintage Decal Mugs

We don’t know about you but we love our coffee served hot and in a fancy mug! Add some culture to your kitchen with elegant porcelain decal mugs with Mt Vernon script pattern from Mr Price Home. The mugs are also dishwasher and microwave safe.

Java Salad Hands

Mr Price Home has these awesome wooden salad hands with two tone stripe detail. Talk about serving your salad in style, right? Get yourself a pair, every kitchen needs salad spoons so why not get really cool ones?

mr price

Pylones Salt & Peppermill

Ever get annoyed by having the salt and pepper shakers separate? Well now you can celebrate their union with this awesome Pylones snowman combo salt and peppermill. Even your guests will appreciate this nifty product during dinner parties or luncheons.

Pylones Sponge Holder

Do you ever struggle over where to put your wet sponge after cleaning the dishes? Well, end the struggle by getting this clever clean dog sponge holder with bone-shaped sponge. Not only is it great and convenient for the kitchen, but you can get one for your bathroom too!


Utensil Set With Rotating Base Bamboo 20pcs

If you love order and organisation then you will love having this utensil set in your kitchen. With 20 must-haves items neatly placed in a well crafted bamboo base, you might never leave the kitchen. This beautiful set is available from @Home.

Vortex Canister Set

Also from @Home is this simple in design yet stunning vortex set of three canisters that you can place on your kitchen counter. Perfect for keeping your tea, coffee and sugar – dazzle your family, friends and guests with your outstanding kitchen aesthetics.


All above mentioned stores are available at Sandton City Mall.

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