Many Reasons Why You Have To Split Milk

Once upon a time in a world filled with delicious food, good vibes and ever so amazing Jazz Sundays lived a cafe called Split Milk in the bustling burb, Melville…

Many Reasons Why You Have To Split Milk

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Situated in the bustling burb, Melville stands Split Milk – an amazing, cosy and haven of scrumptiousness that will have you coming back for more.

The lovely thing about this spot is the diversity that it allows for the customer to really make anything of it. If you want something intimate, you’ve got it; their warm lighting, brick walls and wood finishes really make for what could be quite the romantic spot.

If you are looking for a social spot, there is also room for you here because there is a cool sitting spot, almost bar style that allows for a conversation starter or a break away if you just want to be tucked in.

Right when you thought I was done, they also have a super cool outside area in case you wanted to bring a bigger crowd to Split Milk together (Nuff with the cheesy jokes). This spot really oozes with potential and character.

Split Milk

A Bit About The Decor…

The cafe’s decor is quite creative, simple but creative with inspirations of beautiful woods finishes.

Picture a movie with a damsel in distress, trying to break away from the world and finding the right spot for her to hug her mug and nibble on a scintillating fiction novel. Weather, gloomy (with a chance of meatballs) and chill hop music in the background. I think you get where i’m going…

Basically, the place gives you that warm fuzzy feeling.

More Than Milk To Split – The Juicy Nuggets

The food, wow! They have a stretch in variety, just the right sized medium menu that will have you a bit confused. With their food magicians, Jeff and Gloria – you can’t go wrong!

Split Milk

Smoothie Bowls

I had to highlight this because where in Jozi do you find smoothie bowls unless you know a girl who knows a girl or just randomly bump into a spot that will change your views about Joburg.

On their Fountain of Youth Menu, they have a generous offering of smoothie bowls however I have to put it out there. The ‘Nutty Professor Smoothie’ and ‘Split Smoothie’ are a stand out for me.

Split Milk

The Food

I’ve heard nothing but good things about the food and I have to say, I saw a juicy looking burger with rashers of bacon and I was taken – owned to be more precise. Food is life guys!

They cater opposite world menu that really makes you want to eat everything on it – burgers like Japanese Burger, Lamb Tzatziki Burger, Dijion, I could go on and on.

Split Milk

The Jazzy Tunes

To top it all off, their Sundays are filled with the smooth tunes of Jazz. They host ‘Jazz Sundays’ which none of the Melville community can resist really.

You can check out their page for more information regarding the jazz session – you will definitely love them.

Spoil yourself with delicious food and Jazz, Jozi!

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