Spa Afrique


Spa Afrique is situated in the heart of Northcliff in Johannesburg, and as the name suggests, is decorated in true African style – the design and colours used depict the unique landscape and wildlife of the African continent. Epitomising Africa, Spa Afrique Day Spa boasts wonderful features like the Special Effect Caves, a Duma Hide and a Buffalo Massage Hut – all specifically designed for their full day and half spa packages and theme treatments.

Throughout history humans have used their hands to give comfort and to promote healing. A person’s sense of touch is registered by the skin, which is the body’s largest and most sensitive organ. Massage is the oldest form of healing known to relieve fatigue and restore circulation, and can be defined as any systematic form of touch, which has been found to give comfort or promote good health.

From a physiological point of view, massage helps the flow of blood and lymph in our bodies, thereby flushing out toxins and boosting the immune system. It can also increase energy levels and decrease blood pressure and heart rate significantly. Massage connects the body and the mind, balances energies and stimulates organs and glands. It also aids in soothing the nerves and helps to decrease tension thus enhancing relaxation and well being. For a totally satisfying and uplifting experience, combine a visit to nature with the pleasure of indulging in one of the many different types of relaxing and therapeutic massages available.

Spa Afrique’s underlying philosophy is to promote, pamper and take care of all aspects of a client’s well being and is thus the perfect setting for both local and international day visitors in search of wellness in an African setting.

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