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Find Your Perfect Apartment At Sontonga Lofts

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Looking for the perfect space to call home? Be sure to book a viewing and visit Sontonga Lofts, where you can see the best loft apartments available in Braamfontein Werf. 

What Is It?

Sontonga Lofts offers you the opportunity to cherry-pick the best loft apartments of the lot. It's the perfect place to find your dream home. There are various loft spaces to choose from in this secure lifestyle estate at the gateway to Braamfontein Werf, including unit types complete with 1, 2 and 3 bedroom options. There's only a few units left, so be sure to book a viewing ASAP.


The spaces are variable and individually unique with purposefully exposed traces of old industry and past times long forgotten. The combination of texture and sheer volume is jaw-dropping. The overall picture inspires and motivates you to push your own boundaries. This development extends the neighbourhood of 44 Stanley and the beautiful surrounding loft developments, such as The Refinery and Frost Street.

Songota Lofts

Development Features 


Where Is It?

Sontonga Lofts, corner Enoch Sontonga and Solomon Street, Braamfontein Werf, Johannesburg.

For More Information

For more information about Sontonga Lofts, visit www.sontonga.co.za.

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For more information about this property, contact:

Cameron Heale

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