Soekoe Moto-Bicycles Brings Back Vintage Kitsch

Hearken back to the 1900s with a hand-built motorised bike from Soekoe Moto-Bicycles. You’ll look like the coolest gentleman or lady on the block with your leather helmet, goggles and custom bicycle. 

Hand Built Moto-Bicycles

Soekoe Moto-Bicycles bring you custom-designed, engine powered bicycles. A throwback to the early 1900s, these bikes come with all the bells and whistles.

Founder, Desmond Soekoe spent 20 years in the mining and manufacturing industry. Growing tired of the day-to-day monotony, he decided to ditch the office job and pursue his passion – vintage bikes! What must have seemed like a massive risk, Soekoe’s business venture turned out to be something well worth investing in. He opened a workshop in the little known suburb of Fishers Hill, Germiston. Soekoe and his test drivers can often be seen speeding through the quiet streets of the suburb on his custom bike. Peddling every now and then to kick start the engine, Soekoe is nothing short of a modern day magician.

Soekoe Moto-Bicycles are designed and built in homage to the motorised bicycles which first appeared in the late 1800s. During this century, the development of the bicycle rapidly sped up as the giant one-wheeled Penny Farthing became the “Safety Bicycle” – a more balanced two wheeler. Then as electric powered cars hit the road, so did motorised bikes. In a space of only 15 years, bicyclers went from teetering on one wheel like a circus act, to cruising through the streets on fast powered handlebar machines!

Metal, Leather and Elbow Grease

While Soekoe Moto-Bicycles hearken back to this vintage age, they are by no means outdated. With hand built frames and handlebars, seats and accessories, these bikes glisten with modern touches. Customise your moto-bicycle with an attached letter bag, leather stitched grips, saddles from Stampede Leather and three types of tyres, which use a 12 gauge thicker spoke to handle the friction between engine and road. Get your wheels in cream, white, black or white walled. Soekoe offers both petrol and electric battery-powered versions of their bikes, so you can customise your ride to your pocket as well.

The store doesn’t only sell bikes, but offers custom gear, including goggles, leather helmets and more. You can fully kit yourself out here, which is important because you have to look the part to ride a Soekoe bike. They are right next door to an antiques store, too. All this place needs is a coffee station and there would be no excuse to ever leave.

Soekoe Moto-Bicycles

While this transportation may appear kitsch at first, just think about how much easier it would be to enjoy a bike ride without having to endlessly peddle. Plus, you can go a lot faster on one of these. So, grow out your handlebar moustache, put on your peddlers cap and go on your merry way.

For More Information

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Details: 072 499 6116 | | Shop 1, 14 Main Road, Fishers Hill, Germiston.

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