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Sodastream Launches 5 New Pepsi Flavours For Spring!

Sodastream Launches 5 New Pepsi Flavours For Spring!

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It’s Springtime. Think sunglasses, sunscreen and … Sodastream. Staying hydrated just got hyped with the launch of five new Pepsi flavours for your Sodastream - all the great Pepsi taste; just add bubbles. You can now use your SodaStream to create all your favourite soft drinks at home: Pepsi, Pepsi Max, 7UP, 7Up Free and Mirinda. Plus, stand the chance of winning a Sodastream Spirit Machine, which retails at R1 249*! Keep reading to find out how to enter. 

Life With Sodastream

For anyone growing up in the 70s and 80s, a Sodastream was the aspirational peak of kitchen gadgets, proudly displayed on every counter. The new Sodastream machines are designed to take back their place of pride on the patio table with a beautiful simplicity: sleek, stylish and definitely fit to flaunt.

Better For You, Better For The Planet

  • Transform ordinary tap water into sparkling water in seconds! By making ordinary tap water fun and exciting to drink, Sodastream helps you drink more water – 43% more, according to research.
  • You can conveniently make the perfect sparkling drink for YOUR taste buds in the comfort of your home.
  • Also, you'll save! Sodastream is real value for money at only R3,33 per litre of sparkling water and each bottle can be used to make nine litres.
  • You’re also saving the environment! One Sodastream bottle replaces 5 070 bottles (an average family over three years). Every Sodastream bottle works toward eliminating thousands of single-use plastic bottles and keeps our planet healthier and cleaner for everyone. Skip the packaging and a trip to the store with Sodastream.

Bring the Bubbles

It’s time to get creative and have some fun!


Unbox your beauty. Mix it up, make it tempting, have some fun, get the kids involved; produce your own magic masterpieces. In need of inspiration? Beat these.


Show the fizz! You can make your fizzy drink with just a click of a button. With Sodastream, you get to decide how your water sparkles. Press the button.


Share your refreshing creations with your friends and tag someone who loves soda! Could you tell the difference between can and canister? You can find Sodastream on Instagram and Facebook.

Don’t Have A Sodstream?

Sodastream is always experimenting and adding fun and popular options to the flavour lineup to make the experience an exciting one. They also want to be better for you and the planet, offering you sugar-free choices and less plastic waste.

Sodastream is not just a sparkling water company, it’s a truly holistic way of life. There’s every reason to adopt this healthy, fun, convenient and friendly approach to hydration.

Environmentally Friendly!

PepsiCo has recently announced new goals to cut virgin plastic per serving by 50% across its global food and beverage portfolio by 2030, using 50% recycled content in its plastic packaging and scaling the Sodastream business globally, an innovative platform that almost entirely eliminates the need for beverage packaging, among other levers.

Continuing to scale new business models that require little or no single-use packaging, including its global Sodastream business – an icon of a Positive Choice and the largest sparkling water brand in the world by volume. Sodastream, already sold in more than 40 countries, is bringing PepsiCo flavour options like Pepsi Zero Sugar, Lipton and bubbly to 23 markets, and its new Sodastream Professional platform will expand into functional beverages and reach more than 10 additional markets by the end of 2022, part of the brand’s effort to help consumers avoid more than 200 billion plastic bottles by 2030.

Get The Spirit Machine!

Just in time for summer in the city, why not get your hands on a Sodastream for some refreshing spritzers? We had one Sodastream machine in mind – the Spirit Machine! It retails for R1 249*, but can be found on special at Game for R999*.

Compact in design, press the carbonating button until you reach your desired fizziness, sip and enjoy! The Spirit adds the snap-lock bottle mechanism, making the system quick, simple and easy-to-use with a slimmer design.

  • Pack includes Spirit Machine, a 1 litre carbonating bottle and Model 60 full cylinder
  • Fizz to your liking at the press of a button
  • Full CO2 cylinder makes between 45L and 60L of sparkling water
  • Snap lock bottle mechanism
  • Fits into any kitchen
  • Bottle can be used for 3 years
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty.


For More Information

For more information about Sodastream, visit

Don't forget to give them a like or follow on Instagram and Facebook.


One lucky reader stands the chance of winning a Sodastream Spirit Machine!

To enter, all you have to do is take the quiz below, and that's it! You're in the running!

Good luck!


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