Snuggle Buddies Slipper And Gown Charity

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Something's got to give...well! In this case, someone's got to give and Snuggle Buddies have been doing just that; by collecting slippers & gowns to donate to the less fortunate. Take part!

What Is Snuggle Buddies?

Snuggle Buddies is a charity drive that was launched in memory of Jared Morris, a dear friend who passed away in 2016. The organisation collects donations of slippers and gowns for children and adults who are less privileged in Joburg and Cape Town. These donations are delivered to those who need them most for winter.


There is nothing more heartwarming than knowing that you have contributed towards keeping someone who is in need warm. You would be surprised how many people actually struggle to put something on their backs. Winter has proven to be frosty and can be quite a tough season, that is why this is an amazing initiative that really moves the hearts of many.

100 percent of the slippers and gowns donated all go to the less fortunate. Snuggle Buddies emphasises the fact that they really want to keep everyone warm and loved. The feedback regarding vision and implementation of the Snuggle Buddies concept has been great and people are also warming up to the charity initiative.

Snuggle Buddies

The warm clothes are delivered to hospitals, homeless shelters and orphanages around South Africa. Collections are done at schools, universities, offices and surrounds in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Snuggle Buddies is always looking to expand, collect and deliver more to those in need, so help them reach their goal of keeping everyone warm this winter by donating.

This initiative really leaves many happy with smiles on their faces and feeling like the world really cares. Every year the donations have been increasing and warming up many hearts out there so if you also want to take part ad donate, please do check out their Facebook page and check out their updates.

Snuggle Buddies

Why you should take part?

  • You keep someone warm
  • You warm their hearts
  • You put a smile on their face

They collect items at certain periods throughout the year so if you really want to partake and find out more about the organisation, you can get in touch with them.

Contact the Snuggle Buddies to make your donation!

Snuggle Buddies

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