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Zoning Into The Best Sneaker Spots In Rosebank

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Looking for the best kicks in town? We have just the place for you to get a taste of urban with the Sneaker Spots at The Zone @ Rosebank. Sneakers The Zone Rosebank

Sneakerheads are always looking for something new, unique and trendy to make them (and their outfit) look good. If you have been struggling to find the sneakers that you desire, then the time has come for you to start zoning into the best sneaker spots in The Zone @ Rosebank.

One thing Joburgers love is trendy fashion. Everyone is always looking for that one specific item that makes them stand out, especially when it comes to sneakers, which is why everyone is always hunting for exclusives. It's all about completing your outfit , plus the casual look is always saved by a good pair of sneakers.

It's A Culture

Sneakers have become more than just an item you wear, they play a very influential role when it comes to the fitness industry, fashion forward innovation such as Fashion Week and trendsetting. Even for collectors, who are classified as sneakerheads. It's not just about the shoe, it's a culture.

This culture has the world at a standstill, even sleeping outside stores just to get the newest sneakers on the market. Many sneakerheads will agree when we say that quality always takes favour when buying your kicks. It's always advisable to get good quality sneakers that will last for years to come.

If you are looking for a place that offers more options, then continue reading...

Sneakers The Zone Rosebank


Shesha has to be one of the stores that are well-known for their sneaker offering and have grown into people's hearts because of their sneaker culture.

They've established the way to speak to people about the urban trends and the habit of fashion forwardness with their other accessories, jackets, socks and many other items that you can match with your sneakers.

Shesha offers a wide and unique range of sneaker exclusive that will have you collecting the best of the best. Whether it's something to set the trend or follow it - they've got you covered.

Sneakers The Zone Rosebank


adidas, typically known as the brand with the three stripes and loved by many. You can find them on the top floor at The Zone @ Rosebank waiting for you to come and check out some fresh kicks.

As nostalgic as the brand is - from the days when we were inspired by Missy Elliot to today when you are still taken by their innovative designs, quality, style and sneaker culture - how can we deny that adidas is timeless?

They have something for everyone, whether you are looking for something sporty, casual or trendy.

Sneakers The Zone Rosebank


When you think of sports and sneakers, the first brand that pops into your mind has to be Nike.

They have created a movement in their sneakers and sports culture, making different footwear ranges specifically for sports, casual wear and many others. However, the boundaries between what is considered sports sneakers and dress sneakers have been blurred.

Through their movements, they have created a huge sneaker following and you will get to see why when you pay their store a visit.

Kickin' It

Everyone needs at least one pair of sneakers in their lives, but once you visit one of these stores - your sneaker journey will grow.

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