Cheers To the Brown Bottle With SMACK! Republic

Artisan beer culture is growing in the country and we think SMACK! Republic has the creativity, great taste and you need to try it!

Enjoy an artisan beer experience. Yep! Artisan beer. What is that, you ask? Where do you find it? We can steer you the right direction and have found the perfect beer that can become a part of your personal beer culture – SMACK! Republic Brewing Co.

SMACK Republic Brewing Co

Let’s Talk Smack

Once upon a time, in the vibrant and bustling City of Gold, were three BEERsketeers who decided to make a thirst quencher. These enthusiasts came together to make something refreshing in a trendy bottle. We’re talking artisan beer, Joburg.

That is how SMACK! Republic Brewing Co. came to life. We’re sure you are wondering: why SMACK! Republic?  Well! The word ‘smack‘ is actually a very relevant name with regards to beer, smack is a slang name for yeast, and well, yeast is an integral ingredient in beer making. The team felt that calling it ‘Yeast’ would sound dodgy – we completely agree with this.

SMACK Republic Brewing Co

They love the culture around beer and firmly believe that beer is a form of art, so you can only imagine how much effort they put into the making of their beer and attention grabbing packaging. Their packaging is unique, the type of product you would buy and then keep the packing for reuse or to collect.

They created this innovation, and they couldn’t have come at a better time. South Africa is a currently learning a new taste and creativity with the palate.

The Lifestyle

Beer has always been part of the South African lifestyle when it comes to nightlife, celebrations and get-togethers at large. It’s just one of those things that has become a lifestyle and a world of exploring.

The country has also been introduced to a whole different side of their palate with artisan beers (basically learning a new language) and they are loving it.

From what used to be a typical trendy thing to be proud of the green bottle, and suddenly after many of years the brown bottle has has proved to have the ultimate staying power. Craft beers are appreciating the traditional brown bottle. Making brown cool again.

SMACK Republic Brewing Co

Craft Culture

With that said, SMACK! Republic is making artisan beer even cooler with a smooth taste and awesome design.

The brown bottle is making its mark again, at markets and restaurants – they are also living in the current times of craft appreciation. It’s spreading and becoming a culture.

We can give you many reasons why you need to try SMACK! Republic beer but we will keep is simple, they are all about the experience.

Their characterised beers include:

  • The Bree Street Belle
  • The Maboneng Maverick
  • The Hillbrow Honey
  • The Braamfontein Brawler
  • The Newtown Nemesis

SMACK Republic Brewing Co

SMACK Republic Brewing Co

SMACK Republic Brewing Co

SMACK Republic Brewing Co

SMACK Republic Brewing Co

If that alone is not cool, we don’t know what could top that, besides the great taste and epic packaging design.

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