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The Innovative Journey Of How Skyrink Studios Changed The Game

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Let's look at the innovation of the Skyrink Studios that brought the old Carlton Centre Ice Rink to life.

Once upon a time, there lived an ice rink where all would go and have a great time. However, when the Ice Queen ran dry, she fell asleep for many years. All who had wished for the rink to come to life once again lost hope on its revival and found comfort in the dark, dingy and lonely space. Until! Prince Charming (three of them) came to give the Ice Queen a kiss to awaken her. This is the moment when Skyrink Studios was born.

Skyrink Studios Johannesburg

What 1973 Has Given Us?

What used to be the spot for all who wanted to skate and just have the time of their lives living the ice fairy tale became an abandoned space. The ice rink was that one spot in Johannesburg CBD that everyone had a story to share.

It was the place where friendships began, families came together and when it closed down, many dreams were crushed. But decades later - a light was to be rekindled.

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

This is really a Cinderella kind of tale, but with a twist. And, of course, there is a happy ending.

Skyrink Studios Johannesburg

The three brilliant minds that saw something beyond what the country could see, and wanted to introduce Johannesburg to an inspiring concept, making it a reality right before their very eyes. Miles Britton Masekela, Marvin Mathibe and Frank Mohapi are the 'princes' that charmed the Ice Queen and Skyrink Studios came to life.

These three gentleman saw something genius in the ice rink and found it great for their vision of creating an innovation that would live on to be a part of making history at the well-known Carlton Centre.

Skyrink Studios Johannesburg

The Skyrink Studios

The studio is a visual dime piece, both literally and hypothetically. It boasts with out-of-this-world, state-of-the-art equipment and facilities - they have six studios and five control rooms, where all the magic happens.

Their space oozes with the creative look and ambiance, with every artists' needs and directors' dream, this film production hub has inspired many to come and work with them. So, remember this monumental space, because they are ready to help in creating content that will put South Africa on the map, if it hasn't already.

Skyrink Studios is comfortably trying to move into the mobile TV space and it's no surprise because every production house.

Skyrink Studios Johannesburg

Adding Character...

They have hosted the popular and spectacular #Azania by designer, David Tlale. This fashion artistry was quite the showstopper.

They have also done some amazing work with MTV Shuga, MTV VJ Search, The Parlotones, Remix SA and many other amazing shows.

This spot has seen plenty of Mzansi talent in short period of time, so you can only imagine what they have in store for us in the future.

The sky is the limit, they said. But Skyrink is shooting right out the hemisphere and going big.

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