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Short Course in Creative Writing

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Please note that this event was published in 2009 and it is no longer available.


The Short Course in Creative Writing is presented by Mr Ronald Irwin, an accomplished author and lecturer in Creative Writing at the University of Cape Town. This course is available to students throughout South Africa.

The course in a nutshell:
• 10-week part-time course presented via internet-based distance learning
• will teach students the techniques of good story writing applicable to fiction and non-fiction
• highly practical with 5 written pieces completed during the course
• continuous assistance, monitoring and guidance is provided by the Course Facilitator and Course Coordinator
• students form part of a “writing community” and interact via a learning-based website

Who Should Attend:
This course in creative writing is designed for anyone who wants to bring more flair, drama, and passion into their work. It is ideal for anyone who has dreamed of writing a novel or a short story; for accomplished writers of fiction who want to brush up on their skills, and for nonfiction writers who want to use dramatic storytelling techniques to make their work come alive. Professional editors can also benefit from this course by learning the basic techniques of the creative craft of writing.

Most important, signing up for this course means becoming part of a network of writers who can be in constant contact with each other through the private conversation threads on the Getsmarter Learning website. This means that as the course progresses, you are making friends with fellow writers around the country; sharing work, contacts and ideas.

Moreover, in Module 9 you will submit work to the group for consideration by your fellow classmates. There is no more reason to write alone after you have taken this course on creative writing — the network will remain active after the conclusion of the course, allowing you to keep track of your friends indefinitely. This is a unique and very powerful networking resource.

For more information, visit the website using the links alongside.



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