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Don't Miss The SHF Home Spring Tent Sale!

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Spring has sprung, and SHF Home is bringing you the opportunity to get up to 75% off exquisite pieces from their Summer & Winter 2019 best buys at their SHF Home Spring Tent Sale!

Get Up To 75% Off !

It’s time for another sale with SHF Home. And this time, everything must go! A brand-new season means fresh trends, styles and lifestyles and SHF Home are clearing out the old to bring in something new.

Get ready for vibrant things to come! While you wait and the season fully transitions, visit their gallery in Ferndale where they'll be setting up a tent and showcasing all the style and sophistication dominated by their best buys from Summer and Winter 2019!

Please note: this SALE is only taking place at Ferndale. So, Pretoria and Kramerville residents, get there early! The sooner you arrive, the sooner you can find exactly what you need to complete your living room!

From 05 - 15 September 2019, you have two weeks to get up to 75% off!

SHF Home

Create elegant yet powerful visual narratives by entwining yourself into this all-encompassing design trend. Fill your spaces with evocative & moody colours over luxury contemporary furnishings & striking statement lighting. Follow us into this enticing darkness & define your secret style lair.

SHF Home

Maximise the use of natural elements by embracing the great outdoors year-round. Use beautiful, lush botanics and creatively play with different accents in various spaces. Choose materials that resonate with your personal style and will connect you to your interiors. Texture brings it all together - leather is a timeless texture option that instantly converts any room into a chic and sophisticated retreat.

SHF Home

This interior design trend is minimalistic, so don’t be afraid to remove unnecessary items that don’t add purpose or beauty. Contrast nature-inspired interiors with industrial elements, these simple looks blend seamlessly together in a perfect juxtaposition of two design worlds. As industrial home décor evolves, different styles and influences are being fused with this aesthetic.

SHF Home

For More Information

Please visit the SHF Home website for more information on trading hours.

You can also contact them on 0861 375 2222 or [email protected].

Visit them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

SHF Home

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