Shelli NT’s #NoRegrets2018 January Challenge

I somehow feel that my first #NoRegrets2018 challenge should involve something completely and utterly terrifying – like jumping out of an airplane or weighing myself after the Festive Season indulgences. You know, something that involves terror and loads of screaming. Instead, I chose to do something completely out of my comfort zone – a far quieter and (for me), more meaningful challenge.


I signed up to become an Organ Donor.

To be fair, this has been weighing on my mind at various times over many years, but I have never physically been able to bring myself to sign up. I think it’s sobering being faced with my own mortality – something I really don’t want to think about. But I strive to add meaning and value to the lives of those around me, so why not continue that legacy after I’ve gone? Especially as my various organs and tissues can save up to 50 lives – that’s a lot. And really, I’m not going to need them anyway!

I was also recently brought face to face with a wonderful family’s journey as they waited for their sister’s lung transplant. Their heartbreak and long wait was a real wakeup call that I should follow through on something that I’ve been thinking about for years.

And it’s surprisingly easy to sign up. Once you’ve made the decision, it’s as quick as logging on, entering your details and pressing SUBMIT.


A few things I discovered:

  • You don’t have to donate ALL your organs – you can state which ones you’re willing to donate on your donor card.
  • There is NO cost.
  • You can change your mind at ANY time – simply tear up your donor card and remove the stickers from your ID book and driver’s license.

I followed the steps outlined on the Carte Blanche website:

  • Click here to register online or give the Organ Donor Foundation of South Africa (ODF) a call on their toll-free number – 0800 22 66 11.
  • You will then be sent an organ donor card which you’ll need to fill out. Carry this card with you at all times.
  • You will also receive a sticker to place on your ID document and driver’s license.
  • Discuss your decision with your family so they are aware that you are now an organ donor. Ask your loved ones to respect and honour your decision.
  • Set up a living will in which you indicate your wishes to donate your organs should you die.

And that’s it – I was done. My first #NoRegrets2018 challenge completed.


What was/ is YOUR challenge? Comment below!

Top image: Catherine Lane (2015)

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