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Share Kindness With The Pay It Forward Coffee Wall

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The word of the day is “kindness”. The owners of this coffee shop intended to brew kindness back into their community through projects and collaborations with locals. One of those initiatives is the “Pay it Forward Coffee Wall". Keep reading to find out more about this heartwarming initiative.

DC Coffee Co in Pineslopes is a non-profit coffee shop. Its goal is to give back to the local community through educational, environmental, social, or economic development initiatives. Neil and Samantha Golding opened DC Coffee Co and started brewing kindness in the community. One of their heartwarming initiatives is the "Pay it Forward Coffee Wall". This wall allows customers to purchase a meal or voucher card for someone else in need.

How "Pay it Forward Coffee Wall" got its start

After some personal hardship in their family, the Goldings came into a modest garage being used as a farm coffee shop in February 2017 when they discovered Riversands Farm Village. After two weeks of volunteering and learning how to make coffee, the family took over the garage and formed DC Coffee Co.  A year later, the Goldings opened a physical store in Pineslopes and relocated there full-time.

Despite their financial constraints, they established the "Pay it Forward" coffee wall to continue brewing kindness in the neighbourhood. This coffee shop continued to be a safe space for the community even during Covid-19. This coffee shop gives off positive energy! For a mood lift, grab or gift a coffee voucher here and enjoy the atmosphere.


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The Impact of the "Pay it Forward Coffee Wall" 

  • Everyone is welcome at DC Coffee Co. People are left feeling inspired and hopeful after enjoying a nice cup of tea or coffee and reading the encouraging words that come with it in the form of notes from strangers.
  • The coffee shop created a "safe space" for the community to come together and have conversations
  • Paying it forward gave many an opportunity to make someone's day
  • The wall not only provided coffee but also a sense of belonging for others and they remain friendly faces at the shop
  • This initiative provided frontline workers with coffee for a month as a way to say thank you!

Two and a half years later, “Pay it Forward” is still a source of joy and kindness for many. Hop in, grab or leave a voucher and make a stranger’s day!


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For More Information

For more information about Coffee Co and its initiatives, visit its website

You may also reach out to them by dialing their number. Keep up with their latest news, information, and more by following and liking their social media channels - Facebook and Instagram.

Address: 18 Sunset Avenue, Pineslopes, Lonehill, Johannesburg

Note the operating times:

Monday to Friday: 6.30am - 5pm
Saturday: 7am - 3pm
Sunday: Closed

Little acts of kindness go a long way. Shared some kindness with a stranger today? Let us know how in the comment section!


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