Seven Home Storage Hacks!

Storage around your home can be quite tricky and difficult to make the most of. Stop stressing for space and try out some of our storage hacks!

Storage hacks

Key Catchall

Last thing you need in the morning is running late because you cannot find your keys. You search high and low but it seems your keys grew legs and decided to play hide and seek with you. No one has time for that. Avoid the madness by making a key catchall that stays close to your door. Soon as you walk in, drop your keys in there and you won’t have to wonder if you live with a ghost in the house.
DIY: Learn how to make your own key catchall here.

Shelf Dividers

Prevent your closet or wardrobe from looking like a disaster by investing in some shelf dividers. You can use anything from acrylic shelf dividers that you can buy from hardware stores such as Builder’s Warehouse or even Makro, to shelf dividers you make as a fun home project.
DIY: Make your own shelf dividers, here’s a video to show you how.

Glass Jars

Gone are the days of using plastic containers as storage for your kitchen, pantry or toolshed. Invest in some glass jars and save the the planet excess plastic while you’re at it. Great thing about glass is that you can reuse it repeatedly without worrying about how many times you can reuse before you have to recycle (something you have to do with certain plastics).
DIY: Repurpose old glass jars for storage or buy new ones from Consol glass.


Typically pegboards are used for storage in hardware stores or in the toolshed. But why limit that endless board of creativity to just one or two types of spaces when you can use it anywhere really? From your bedroom to your kitchen, you can really go crazy and creative with it.
DIY: Learn how to install your own pegboard for a fun project here and get some inspiration on how to use it for storage here.

Drawer Dividers

Ever catch yourself shuffling through your drawers, looking for a nail clipper or a tweezer? You risk accidentally pricking yourself with whatever else may be in that drawer of mystery. End the suspense and invest or make drawer dividers. Not only will your drawers be way more organised, you also save yourself time of having to look through disorganised objects.
DIY: Order your drawer dividers from TakeALot or learn how to make your own here.

Ceramic Egg Racks

Sure we could argue that, as the name suggests, ceramic egg racks are solely intended for egg storage. But why be so rigid when we could use those same racks of other convenient storage purposes? Perhaps you have a jewellery box that doesn’t allow you to see all your jewellery at once, use the rack for your jewellery instead. Or if you do beadwork and need easy access to your beads while doing your thing – again the rack comes in handy.
DIY: You can purchase a ceramic egg rack from any grocery or kitchenware store and use it as you wish. Click here for some cool ideas.

Toilet Paper Storage

We have all experienced the annoyance of running out of toilet paper whilst on the loo. If you have siblings you have to swallow your pride and call for them to bring you another roll. Or maybe you have to shout for your partner or roommate to throw one in while you slowly die of embarrassment. All this can be avoided with a toilet paper storage spot in the bathroom.
DIY: Buy a small bucket sized laundry basket to store your toilet paper or learn how to make one here.

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