Adventurous Things To Do Around Johannesburg

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Get your adrenaline pumping with these thrill-seekers’ local adventures... from bungee jumping to skydiving, we've got it all.  Are you ready for this? 



Bungee Jumping

Where: Orlando Towers, Soweto, Johannesburg (Gauteng)

What to expect: Visit one of South Africa’s historical destinations for something a little different. You can’t miss the two brightly coloured towers that have become Soweto landmarks. Jump 100 metres from the suspension bridge connecting the two towers with just a rubber cord strapped to your ankles!

Adventure level: ****

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Where: Wild Caves, Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site (Gauteng)

What to expect: Explore the seemingly endless world beneath your feat with a caving expedition. You’ll be guided through the nooks and crannies of caves where you’ll scamper uneven surfaces and crawl through hard-to-navigate spaces.

Adventure level: ***

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Where: Johannesburg Skydiving Club, Carletonville (Gauteng)

What to expect: Experience the freedom of flying! You’ll jump in tandem with an experienced skydiver from 11 000ft, free falling for 40 seconds at 200km per hour until your parachute is deployed and you’re drifting slowly to the ground below.

Adventure level: *****

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River Rafting

Where: Parys Rafting, Dimalachite, Parys (Free State)

What to expect: Choose from mild to wild rafting in this part of the Vaal River that winds through bushy islands and cascades down many rapids. There’s also plenty to do in this quaint town, so make the most of your trip!

Adventure level: ***


Hot Air Ballooning

Where: Bill Harrop’s Original Balloon Safaris, Magalies River Valley (Gauteng)

What to expect: You’ll need to be up bright and early (at least they serve tea/coffee and muffins) to experience this hour-long adventure. Hop aboard the balloon that'll be guided by an experienced pilot, and take in the wonder of the surrounding area from a bird’s eye view.

Adventure level: **

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Laser Tag

Where: Black Ops Laser Tag, Randburg, Johannesburg (Gauteng)

What to expect: If you’ve ever imagined yourself in a real-life video game, then you’ve got to give this live action combat simulation a try. It’s a mission-specific game that takes place in a Hollywood film set-worthy location – perfect for birthdays, team building or a day with a difference for a group of friends. Look out for their monthly Zombie Apocalypse where your team comes face to face with the living dead!

Adventure level: **

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