Send The Ultimate Package Of Romance With Le Rouge Roses

Le Rouge Premium Artisanal Roses can help you make your loved one feel as special as they deserve to, by creating a superb experience with their hand-delivered packages of fresh, perfumed red roses. 


Let’s talk (flower) shop for a minute. While there’s nothing better than receiving a magnificent package of red roses from that someone special, there’s nothing worse than a half-fresh bouquet not even worthy of Instagram… rough, we know.

Luckily, there’s a new mover and shaker in the roses industry looking to forever change the way you send and receive these classic blooms. Say hello to Le Rouge Premium Artisanal Roses! Trust us, you’ll want to bookmark this.

Started by three varsity students with a passion for innovation, Le Rouge is a niche business that’s adamant on showing the youth of Joburg, and South Africa at large, that you can make big waves if you simply put your mind to something. What’s more, they believe that their brand is all about the experience.

In honour of our “epicness” (thanks, Le Rouge!), they sent us the most gorgeous package of their limited edition premium artisanal red roses. All we can say (besides “wow!”) is that Le Rouge certainly does create the experience that they claim to. Nope, roses aren’t only applicable on Valentine’s Day.

The simply splendid package of roses we received weren’t only handcrafted and handpicked, but also the furthest thing from boring and traditional. From the minute we opened the lavish black and gold box of 36 fresh and ever so fragrant artisanal roses, it was an experience of romantic flair and sheer sparkle!

Why not spoil that someone special with Le Rouge’s stunning Grande package of 36 roses? The ultimate statement, this opulent gift guarantees the “wow” effect! Le Rouge offers next day delivery in and around the Johannesburg area, and you can order online by simply going here.

Get in touch with Le Rouge Premium Artisanal Roses on Facebook and Instagram.

By Candice May

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