The Sculpt Zone Wrap – AKA the Fat Wrap


“A sculpt-what?” I asked Lerato when she called me from Urban Bliss, a new wellness centre in Emmerentia. “A Sculpt Zone wrap by Phytomer” she reiterated. “Is that a nice way of saying a fat wrap?” I replied.


She giggled and said yes. Two minutes later, it was in my diary. I was going to have my first-ever fat wrap. And if there ever was a bum that needed its fat to be wrapped, it is mine. Plagued by plumpness from a young age (I believe that some of my cellulite is actually older than I am), I’ve always battled with my bum and thighs. So to be offered a Sculpt Zone wrap (AKA the fat wrap), was a dream come true.

The day arrived and off I went. Upon arrival, I was warmly greeted by Lerato and the Sculpt Zone treatment expert, Andrea. The unassuming exterior belies the calm of the venue’s soothing interiors. The spa’s concept is based on being a calm heart in a busy city – and have themed their rooms around world capitals.

After changing into a fluffy gown, I was ready for my treatment. Andrea started by giving me a good solid scrub-down (salt exfoliation) to remove dead skin cells, which enhances the skin’s ability to absorb the active ingredients in the actual wrap.  Once that was done and washed off, the real fun would begin. I was asked to place my bum and thighs onto a space blanket (a metal coated sheet, designed to retain heat) and then the application process kicked off. Andrea was quick to show me the thick, thermal bubbling mud (Thermo Scuplting Wrap), which she applied to my bum, thighs and tummy. It’s self-heating and you could actually feel the clay warming up against your skin. You’re basically wrapped up like a little parcel with the space blanket and then you wait for the magic to happen. It was a brilliant feeling, warm, tingly and not uncomfortable in the slightest. According to the team, the main active ingredient is 8x more potent than caffeine for slimming. It works in conjunction with the self-heating wrap (which helps you detox) to promote contouring and trigger a lipolytic effect (the process whereby fat stored in the cells are broken down). Andrea rubbed by back and neck while we waited, making the time fly. When the countdown timer pinged, I was sad that it was over.

Andrea then removed the clay and I jumped in the shower to rinse off the rest. Then it was onto the targeted message with the Contouring Massage Concentrate that promotes drainage and reduces the orange peel effect. The treatment was finished off with a product called Celluli Attack, further helps with contouring and dimpling.

The result was astounding; I immediately could feel the detoxing effect of the wrap and could see an immediate difference to the appearance of my derrière. Both hubby and I were thrilled – many of my dimples had disappeared, as if by magic.

The team from Urban Bliss has a 3-day express package (performed over the course of a week) – which is ideal for those times when you need some extra help getting into that little dress or bikini. They also offer a 6-8 Wrap package done over the course of 2 weeks, which in conjunction with a healthy diet could help you lose a full dress size in just 4 weeks.

To be honest, I would do this once every couple of months if I could. It worked like a bomb and if celebrities like Nonhle Thema is anything to go by, the treatment will soon become a firm favourite to all ladies in the know.

Go give it a bash, you’ve got nothing to lose, except a few centimetres and some dimples.

By Veronica Botes

Have you been to the Sculpt Zone before? What did you think of it? Let us know in the comments section below. If you haven’t been, share this with a friend and organise a spa day.

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