Scan The Exact Colour With Scribble Pen!


Ever struggle to pick out the exact colour you need when drawing or painting either on your smart device or from your colour palette? Well, you can kiss your problems goodbye with the Scribble Pen!

Scribble Pen

What Is It?

Scribble pen allows you to scan colour from anything, from your dog’s fur colour to your favourite nail polish – anything. The pen then allows you to use that exact colour, shade and tone to draw or write whatever your heart desires. You no longer have to worry about manually picking out the right shade or tone from your colour palette to perfectly match your art piece and chosen item, the Scribble pen will do it all for you.

Not only can you draw what you desire on paper, you can also draw on your smart device. The pen is compatible with iOS7+ and Android 4.0+. The pen also allows connectivity via bluetooth and with a micro USB port. And for drawing on paper, the pen comes with a refillable ink cartridge.

With a battery life of up to seven hours, you can look forward uninterrupted hours of creativity and fun! Plus, you’re not limited to stroke weight with the three tip sizes you can pick from. There’s very little this pen can’t do!

How To Get It?

Scribble Pen is available to pre-order online!

For More Information

For more details on this amazing invention, visit their website here.

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