Flowers, Food And Fairy Dust At Schäffler’s Nursery

A nursery is a nursery, right? Oh, my darling, you couldn’t be more wrong! In fact, I’m going so far as to say if you haven’t been to Schäffler’s nursery, you’ve haven’t been to a nursery at all. So, all you gardening lovers, flower power souls, or those of you who just love pretty things to feed your joy, take a tour with me around Schäffler’s for a celebration of all things beautiful. You will be returning, soon enough! 

First up, meet the Schäffler’s! Christine and Vincent Schäffler own this business. As you step through the doors, you enter someone’s home and an extension of their hearts. This is a garden paradise. Instead of simply walking into a nursery that sells plants for gardens, you will find that this is a garden, beautifully landscaped with care. This is like your Mom’s garden (or, at least, my Mom’s garden): each visit is uniquely tailored and perfected for the new season, providing fresh inspiration.


Any gardener will be inspired by the varying displays. With ideas for wall plants, potted plants, water feature displays, as well as various innovative combinations of plants, even the amateur gardener (Not me! Uh, ok, maybe me) will be inspired to get those hands dirty — literally. Not even joking, peeps, the bacterium in soil promotes relaxation and happiness, so get some soil under those nails and be treated by nature’s therapy! It’s fairy magic in a most down-to-earth way (see what I did there? Yeah, sorry. Dad joke).

Annnyway. From marigolds to begonias, shrubbery to ground covers, succulents to seeds, they have everything a planting heart could desire. In addition, you can buy water features, exquisite pots at reasonable prices, and other garden accessories, like watering cans, statues and structures for tasteful garden decor. You will hear the trickling of water and the soft music of wind chimes as you wander through paths covered in sunshine and shade. It’s an enchanted garden, offering the variety of a mega-nursery with the quaint intimacy of a sweet local nursery.


And for those who love food, like Joey from Friends loves food (“Joey doesn’t share food!”), the restaurant is a must! Appropriately named “Under The Trees”, this is a little hiding place. It’s an intimate space, where guests can enjoy delicious coffee and fresh, homemade food, either inside or outside among the trees. My Gran’s favourite is their baked cheesecake. “The best!” she always says. If you love rabbit cake (my name for carrot cake, because it’s the cake rabbits would choose, naturally), then this is the place to have your rabbit cake and eat it. From curry to salads to homemade chicken pie, you will find the home cooking we all seem to be craving. With breakfasts, cakes and burgers, Under The Trees really does serve it all. There is a pizza oven, too, so you can enjoy delicious crispy pizza. Plus, it is always bustling with people, which is a good thing, because there is nothing more disconcerting than a restaurant that is suspiciously empty.


Once you are finished eating, you may want to walk off all that food, which means you have the perfect opportunity to wander around the nursery and visit the gift shop! If you have someone to buy a gift for, pop in! I am always searching for places like this when I need to buy gifts for those people who seem to have everything! (Don’t act ignorant, Karen, you know those people too!).


For the cherry on top, Schäffler’s Nursery offers landscaping services. Their expertise are available for large projects, as well as for smaller garden projects. And if you want to try your hand at your own landscaping, their attentive staff are always readily on hand to give advice.


This is the all-in-one, one-stop-shop for beauty lovers, magic seekers and everyone looking to meet up for friendship and steaming coffee.

Click here for more information.

*Images courtesy of Schäffler’s website.   

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