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Scent Your Space With Brand InScentives

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Don’t limit scent to a quick spritz of perfume onto your wrist in the morning. Scent can do and be so much more. Whether it be your home, your shop or your office, a luxurious scented place makes people feel more comfortable and wanting to stay longer in the space. Cue Brand InScentives – not only will they leave your space smelling lovely, but they will also contribute to your marketing!

For years, many businesses have only focused on two senses to get their message across in marketing – namely, what we see, and what we hear. But the sense of smell is more powerful as we remember more of what we smell than what we see or hear. The power of this connection is understood by Brand InScentives. Their fragranced solutions are used by leading hotels, casinos and retail outlets. Brand InScentives also provides consumer solutions for use within the home. The environments and applications where scent can be used are limited only to the imagination.

No Space Is Too Large!

Brand InScentives' qualified technicians install their Ducted Units into the air conditioning system to release your selected fragrance evenly throughout areas as large as casinos and malls. Through their Brand FX process, they are able to create a unique signature fragrance for your corporate, allowing your visitors and employees to identify with you, connect a positive experience when present in your offices, and be reminded of you when they smell something similar elsewhere.

Create A Memorable Retail Experience

Create pleasant shopping experiences for your customers in a scented atmosphere. Depending on your requirements, Brand InScentives can offer their ducted and smaller free standing plug and play units. Examples of fragrances that can be used to create the perfect ambiance in a retail environment include the use of the scent of suntan lotion in a travel agency, freshly cut grass in a camping store, or the fragrance of candy floss in a children’s toy shop. The right scent can motivate consumer behaviour. It has been proven that customers spend more time in-store when there is a pleasant scent and the longer they spend in-store, the greater the opportunity for spontaneous purchases and up-selling.

Scent Out All Your Branding Needs

Brand InScentives can assist you to create scented applications for branding purposes. If you require the fragrance of toothpaste, fresh bread, oysters, damp soil or a more sophisticated fine fragrance, they can create it for you. As manufacturers, they have created travelling scented inflatables and disguised units so that they fit in with any theme of any event.

Give Yourself Some InScentive To Stay Home!

Fill your entire home with a fragrance that represents luxury, that is affordable. Brand InScentives offer small aroma units that can be hidden in areas and release fragranced air to create a subtle scented ambiance in your home. The unit can be pre-programmed to switch on 30 minutes before you arrive home and you can change the intensity of the fragrance release to suit your needs.

In addition to the aroma units, Brand InScentives also offer beautiful decorative scented Reed Diffusers. Packaged in a decorative box, is a complete reed diffuser set which includes a refillable glass base, rattan sticks and fragrance. The Mosaic home solutions are available in Crafters Market. The soon to be launched Aura range will be offered at Boardmans. A unique feature of the reed diffusers is that they can also be made to offer a signature statement as a company gift, with branded tags creating a lasting, memorable representation as a statement of appreciation to clients.

Brand Inscentives is the only company in South Africa that has full membership at SAAFFI – The South African Association of Fragrance and Flavours Industry. The association ensures ethical business practices are followed.

Brand InScentives Has Something special For Women’s Day!

In celebration of Women’s Day, Brand InScentives is giving away ten luxury reed diffusers from their Mosaic range. Simply like their Facebook page and stand a chance to win one of their reed diffusers. The competition closes on the 10th of August 2015. Revisit their Facebook page on Friday the 14th of August between 2pm and 4pm to see if you are a prize winner. Remember to contact them to claim your prize should you see your name listed as a winner.

For more information

Contact Brand InScentives on (011) 958 0037 or visit for purchases and further information.


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