Save or Splurge: Kids Playdate Edition


Let’s face it, kids like to play until the cows come home and sometimes moms and dads just need a break from being the entertainment. Hello, playdates! Although playdates can be rather pricey, we have a few options that we know you’ll love, and some that will help you save a few buckaroos too. 


Art Jamming

This is an oldie but a goodie when it comes to getting messy and having fun. Whether you’re looking to play, paint, sponge or spray your way to a masterpiece, Artjamming is just the place to be. Best of all, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg for a little bit of artsy fun. You just have to pay for the canvas you have chosen (prices vary depending on sizes), then everything else comes with the price – including the acrylic paints on-tap, brushes, tools and apron. From as little as R135 (that’s for the smallest canvas size available), you can create your own artwork without having to spend thousands on expensive art materials. This is perfect for all ages.

Gold Reef City

Okay, so hear us out before you brush this one off owing to the hefty entrance fee (R135 for kids under 1.3m tall and R215 for kids taller and 1.3m). Considering you pay that fee for an ENTIRE DAY’S WORTH of fun, rides, thrills and excitement, we think it’s a bargain! You would have to spend way more money elsewhere to give the kids a full day’s worth of shenanigans that are far less exciting. They can spend their 9 to 5 (park opens at 09:30 but you get what we’re trying to say) braving the brand-new High Flying Maverick, the Anaconda and the Golden Loop, splashing and floating about the Raging River Rapids, spinning and flying on the UFO and so much more. Trust us, your kids will be exhausted after all of this fun at Gold Reef City Theme Park!

Bright Young Chefs

How about something different? Cooking classes! That’s right! Kids will have a blast creating their own delicious treats and not only is it fun, it also helps them build essential skills. They’ll be using their motor skills, doing simple math, reading through the recipe, working on their communication and teamwork abilities, learning about the science of baking/cooking, broadening their scope of general knowledge and delighting their senses. See… plenty of skills built into one fun activity! Bright Young Chefs offers everything from weekly workshops and holiday clubs (R150 per workshop) to parties (R300 per child) and events.

Bounce Inc

Who knew bouncing on trampolines could be so entertaining? Even for us parents! With this in mind, Bounce Inc has a fun family bouncing package that will have you saving and bouncing for joy! Jump as a family (four jumpers, max two adults) at R500 for two hours. That’s a lot of exercise and fun right there! But if you’re looking to sit back, relax and leave the bouncing to the little ones, it’s R100 for anyone over three years old and under 125cm in height (R145 for jumpers taller than that).

Bounce Inc


So, the kids are going bonkers, which is driving you bonkers… What is a parent (in dire need for some quiet time and a good cuppa Joe) supposed to do spur of the moment? One word – Yeesh! No, not that type of yeesh (we’re not that cruel), we mean Yeesh! as in the kiddies indoor play place. They offer moms and dads a safe haven, no matter what they need – be it a quick drop in, holiday fun, a party venue and more. You can make a stop at the Coffee Bar for some well-deserved peace and quiet. Parents need a timeout too sometimes!


Visit The Magic Company

This fun wonderland has been around for a very long time. Heck, we even remember the days where we’d spend hours (and loads of cash) on arcade games just to set the high score or attempt (for the umpteenth time) to grab that teddy bear from the crane machine. Those were the good old days, so, why not show the kids how much fun the Magic Company can be? You may spend a pretty penny, but it is loads of fun! There are a few Magic Company branches around the city – a few that we can name off the top of our heads are Montecasino, Emperors Palace, Gold Reef City, Silverstar, Sibaya and Carnival City.

Life Day Spa Kids

A little pampering never hurt anyone, which is why this little pamper paradise will make the perfect spot for a playdate. The Life Day Spa Kids offers an extraordinary experience for your little ones, where they’ll get to enjoy massages, manis, pedis, facials and much more. Also, this makes for a fab party idea (just keep it in mind for the next birthday if your little one loves being pampered). Treatments range from just R10 to over R1 000. There’s even a Mom and Me package if you both need a relaxing day out.

Picture by Life Day Spa Kids

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