Santa’s Favourite Snacks

Not too sure what to put out for the big guy in the red suit this year? No worries, we’ve got your back. We chatted to Santa and these are the snacks he likes.

From Woolworths

Chocolate Brownie Fruit Mince Pie

Did you know that while Santa opens your presents and plays Call Of Duty on your brand new Xbox he likes to snack on chocolate brownies stuff with fruit mince? Yup. No fake news here. Besides, that stuff’s so good, who could blame the old guy? Woolies’ Chocolate Brownie Fruit Mince Pie is made with delicious chocolate almond shortcrust pastry filled with their exclusive traditional spiced fruit mincemeat, and topped with rich chocolate brownie. That sounds good, doesn’t it? So good.

Luxury Chocolate Nut Stollen

We can all do with a little bit more stollen in our lives… oh, you don’t know what that is? Stollen is a fruit bread containing dried fruit and often covered with powdered sugar or icing sugar. The bread is usually made with chopped candied fruit and/or dried fruit, nuts and spices. Woolies – as always – went over the top and toppped their stollen with rich chocolate and nuts. This desert is super rich so leave a bit of low fat milk out for the old guy as well – we’ll thank you in even cooler presents this year.

Fresh Custard with Vanilla Bean Seeds

A little known fact is that Santa loves fresh custard. Why do you think he travels around the world so much? The dude’s looking for the best custard around. Fortunately for him, Woolworths food is stocking fresh custard with vanilla bean seeds that’s just heavenly to say the least.

From Checkers

South African Platter

Something else you should know about that jolly guy is that he loves South African food. Grab him a South African platter from Checkers which is made up of vetkoek and mince sliders, bite sized Champion boerewors, meatballs and a tasty chutney dip. Be a doll and leave a couple of surviets out for Santa because this smorgasbord can get messy.

Breakfast Platter

It’s never too late – or too early – for breakfast. And seeing as Santa’s stop-overs are usually just before sunrise in SA, why not spoil the old guy with a bit of a breakfast platter from Checkers? The morning party platter brings together bacon and egg pitas, ham and cheese wraps and croissants, and yummy smoked salmon cream cheese wraps.  Santa’s going to have to take a nap on the couch at yours after this one.

Savoury Platter

Looks like it’s a platter affair at Checkers this festive season, and we’re sure Santa won’t mind. Why not spoil old Saint Nick with  a yummy assortment of cheese puffs, beef sausage rolls and mini pizzas. The savoury platter from Checkers is sure to fill up the tank and get Santa ready for the rest of his journey. The platter itself can feed up to seven people, so you know he’s taken care of. Besides, we can all do with a little bit of savoury pastries and pies every now and then. Maybe he’ll be cool enough to leave some cheese puffs for you.

From Belle’s Patisserie 


It’s a classic, and there’s nothing wrong with a classic. Are you sitting down Here are the biscuits you can get for Santa from Belle’s Patisserie: Coconut, Choc-chip, Jolly jammers, Crunchies, Biscotti (pistachio & apricot, pecan & cranberry, or chocolate & macadamia nut), Pate sable with macadamia nuts (2-tone), White chocolate, Cranberry, Shortbread (pistachio & orange, or vanilla), and Hazelnut rounds. Take your pick. Maybe order all of them and take half for yourself… Santa doesn’t have to know.


Inspired by the New York crois-nut sensation, Belle’s Patisserie has taken the French inspired doughnut concept, and adapted it to create their own unique version of the pastry. Get Santa a box full of these and he’ll leave you extra nice presents for sure, and if he doesn’t, let us know so that we can complain to his elves on your behalf. Regardless, The chocolate crois-nuts from Belle’s is the best way to break a diet or sneak a treat when no one is looking.


Okay, no list of treats from Belle’s Patisserie would be complete without their cupackes (which go very well with champagne, by the way). Their cupcakes are hand-crafted from the finest ingredients and decorated by hand with Belle’s trademark sugar and chocolate toppings for a truly decadent experience. We highly recommend their red velvet cupcakes topped with real cream cheese icing. Santa will be so impressed that he might write you a letter next Christmas.

By Shawn Greyling

What are some of the snacks you’ll be leaving out for Santa this holiday? Let us know all about it in the comments section below. Plus, share this on social media to ensure that Santa gets the snacks he deserves this festive season. 

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