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Sandboarding in Joburg

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Sandboarding… straight away one assumes you need sand dunes… right? Well Joburg has found a way to adapt using mine dumps and has reinvented the sport right here in Gauteng, where there isn’t a dune for hundreds of miles.

Referred to as the board sport for the third Millennium by Pure Rush Industries – the guys throwing Sandboard events here in Joburg, the sport seems to be addictive, drawing hoards of riders and spectators every time.

The board resembles that of a snowboard, with much the same appeal, being that you can glide forward backward and even sideways if you’ve practiced a few times. Climb to the top of the Mine Dump or Mount Mayhem for those of you who prefer not to use the word dump and in a sentence, strap your feet into the board, and then hop off the lip of the course and enjoy the ride.

After hanging around the Mount Mayhem for the day you may notice certain riders doing 180s, Ollie’s and other cool tricks, but apparently it’s safe to remember that the cool kids have practiced and that it takes time and practice to achieve that sort of thing. The last thing you want is a mouth full of sand or worse an injury of some sort.

So, if you feel the need for speed, adrenalin, thrills and just a whole lot of fun, join the Pure Rush Industries – Sandboard School. The instructors will strap you down, get the blood rushing through your veins, and at the end of the day you will be gliding over sand and addicted to the thrill of Sandboarding.

Visit the Pure Rush Industries website for more information.

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