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Sanctuary Mandela – A Place of Reflection

Sanctuary Mandela – A Place of Reflection

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Peace, tranquility and time to contemplate in a historical setting once home to a global icon… if that sounds amazing, you’ll find exactly that at the newly revamped Sanctuary Mandela. Everything about this boutique hotel, set in the lush, secure suburb of Houghton, pays tribute to the mindfulness of Nelson Mandela, who called this home until his passing in 2013

Fondly referred to as Tata (meaning Father in isiXhosa), Nelson Rolihlala Mandela became the face of the activism against Apartheid. He was a Nobel Prize winner, father of the nation and an advocate for peace across the world. His spirit is firmly entrenched within the walls of the Sanctuary.

With curated exhibits and examples of Tata’s inspirational philosophies placed strategically around the sprawling grounds, guests visiting the hotel can’t help feeling uplifted. The entire property is a celebration of his life and taking away a positive mindset – and more than a few photographs - is pretty much a given.

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Fine Dining Madiba-Style

Soul food was the order of the day at this residence. The restaurant at Sanctuary Mandela has taken this to fine dining level, maintaining the spirit of sharing good food with loved-ones.

The menu encompasses the dishes Madiba loved most, lovingly prepared by his personal chef for more than 20 years, Xiliswa Ndoyiya. Everything about the experience is a tribute to his enjoyment of food and bringing people together in his home.

Rooms to Grow

There are 9 spacious rooms, each reflecting Tata’s many talents and passions. All the modern conveniences apply, and if you absolutely HAVE to do business, it’s definitely a good space for fresh ideas and creative thinking.

Each room has a full bathroom and you can decide whether twin beds or King Size will suite your needs and your pocket. Whatever you choice, a full service experience is guaranteed.

Meeting Rooms

Whether you’re having a team strat session, intimate workshop or Boardroom meeting, the premises boasts two high-tech meeting rooms. Much like the days when Tata hosted important local and international leaders to talk big things, the rooms hold 12 delegates and 16 delegates respectively. Even the most important decisions can be made here.

An Experience Like No Other

Eat where he ate, sleep where he slept, and introspect in his favourite quiet places. “Madiba Magic” has been vividly captured at Sanctuary Mandela to provide a truly unforgettable stay.

For More Information

Address: 4 Thirteenth Avenue, Houghton Estate, Johannesburg, 2198

Phone: +27 10 035 0368

Email: [email protected]


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