Saigon Suzy is presenting their No Tell Motel Karaoke fun

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What happens in No Tell Motel stays in No Tell Motel, so be sure to keep it a top secret. Who am I kidding? I know we all would want to tell everyone about the wonderful experience, right! So, feel free to share you experience.

Come enjoy the No Tell Motel Karaoke fun

Expect to be met by three unique Karaoke booths each styled differently. As it promises to be an amazing experience. You know Saigon Suzy never ceases to amaze us with her wonderful entertainment activities for us.

So, here’s a new twist to your girl’s or boy’s night out. Allow Saigon Suzy to lure you in for some singing, dancing, fun and entertainment. Gather a group of friends and be ready for some Karaoke fun. Sounds like a date right? Then be sure to come on over!

Enjoy it and have fun. Are you ready to book yourself in for a fun unforgettable night of Karaoke and laughter whilst of course indulging in some of the delicious treats and drinks catered to you by Saigon Suzy? Waiter service at the touch of a button!

The question stands, when will you be booking your night of fun? That can be simply done by giving them a call on (011) 327-6596 or pop them an email on [email protected] and they will kindly assist you. It's never a dull moment with Saigon Suzy, now that girl knows what a fun time is.

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