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Saigon Suzy Comes To Cedar Square

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After its raging success in Parkwood, our favourite mistress from the orient has set up a second shop. Saigon Suzy has opened at Cedar Square in Fourways. Sticking to her guns, she comes armed with the same rock 'n roll vibes, private karaoke hideaways and Asian street food that we've come to know and love.

Hong Kong Cool

Designed to resemble an Asian street market, the restaurant offers a sight into a world filled with the things one would experience at a classic Hong Kong bazaar. Coming out of the kitchen, patrons can expect Korean BBQ, bao buns and more! Why not start your Saigon Suzy Cedar Square experience with a KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) bao served with hot sauce, pickled daikon radish, cucumber and Kewpie mayo? The crunch, taste and texture all come together to create a tangy experience of note. To add to this crescendo of flavour, dive deep into the authentic dumplings side of the menu and give the steamed pork and kimchi a go - ask your waiter to add a splash more of Suzy's umami drizzle to the dish - you'll thank us for the tip. If you dig wok 'n roll, then why not build your own stirfry as a main meal? There is an assortment of interesting ingredients to choose from, including egg fried rice, tofu and pad thai, to name a few. For those wanting to eat like Suzy does, give the banh xeo pancakes a go! Famous in Hanoi, these sizzling rice flour pancakes are pan-fried with bean sprouts and served with a herb salad, dipping sauce and a filling of either prawns, beef or Asian mushrooms.

In Full Bloom

Fit with a cherry blossom tree, the Cherry Blossom Garden offers an escape from it all. Visitors can expect to lounge on a gorgeous outside deck, perfect for a lazy afternoon as they sip on signature drinks dreamed up by Suzy herself. A pure Oriental treat, try out an assortment of Asian suds such as the classic Chinese Tsingtao or Japanese Kirin. On top of that, Saigon Suzy Cedar Square also offers an array of sake rice wine. But you're more interested in what the cocktail menu holds, eh? And you should be! Ol' Suzy is quite the mixologist and has put together an excellent selection of craft drinks just for you. We recommend you try the Cherry Blossom (raspberry vodka, creme de cassis, cherry sour and cranberry frozen slushy) or perhaps the Lotus Flower (Grey Goose vodka, litchi, sirop d'lavande and sparkling wine). The Cherry Blossom Garden is an excellent after-work hangout and perfect spot to enjoy sundowners in good company.

Saigon Suzy Cedar Square

The No Tell Motel

As Saigon Suzy would say, "It's called the No Tell Motel for a reason - what happens at Suzy, stays at Suzy." Try your hand at karaoke in a private room set apart from the rest of the establishment. Each karaoke room offers "room service" and is perfect for an hour or two of excitement with friends. At the time of writing, the price tag to rent a karaoke room at Saigon Suzy Cedar Square is R1000 for an hour, or R1800 for two hours. There are two karaoke rooms and each room can take up to 12 people.

Saigon Suzy Cedar Square


Address: Cedar Rd, Fourways, Johannesburg, 2068

Contact: 010 001 2755

Web: https://www.saigonsuzy.co.za/

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