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SA REDS (South African Referencing Database) provides a complete offering specifically on developing, empowering the employer and the employee.
SA REDS has developed an easy to use online up to date, inexpensive method to Search Reference or Add a Reference and Background Checks e.g. (Criminal, Qualification checks).
Our information is accurate and pertinent with the use of available industry database.
SA REDS also provides tailored services to suit the needs for the following users:
Businesses- Offering you tools to Hire Right, Monitor Productivity
Develop Employees and Listing of Misconduct.
Residential- Verification checks, Submit References, Search for
Registered Tradesman.
Jobseekers- Pre-validate information, Add referees.
Tradesman- Reference Certificates, Referred tradesman in your area.

For more info visit
Or call 0861727337


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