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Art Of Giving Back With Sneakers 4 Change

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Sneakers 4 Change is bringing you the art of sneaker culture through the S4Kick Exhibition at The Project Space in Victoria Yards.

The sneaker culture in Johannesburg is growing profoundly. And sneaker lovers are always searching for something fresh, new and different to make them stand out from the crowd. The sneaker culture is an influential part of fashion, art and storytelling.

Heart Of The Art

Sneakers 4 Change is an amazing initiative, aiming to help those less fortunate and to push growth in the young talent of the country.

"Sneakers 4 Change is a collect and donate initiative that collects and donates sneakers to the less fortunate. To date, the initiative has collected and donated over 7000 pairs to orphanage homes, sports clubs and individuals that lack proper footwear" - Sneakers 4 Change.

S4CKick Exhibition - Sneakers 4 Change

The S4CKick Exhibition

Sneakers 4 Change spruces up used sneakers. They take sneakers that were worthless and turn them into something that can help the less fortunate.

S4CKick Exhibition - Sneakers 4 Change

They have also created a platform where the youth can create art with sneakers and use the S4CKick Exhibition space to present their creations.

What started out as just an idea has become an influential portal that aims to change the lives of many.

S4CKick Exhibition - Sneakers 4 Change

Sneaker Art Exhibition

The sneaker art exhibition is the work of four artists who help upcoming artists enter the industry and present their art.

If you are looking for something new and groundbreaking to be part of, then keep an eye out on Sneakers 4 Change.

S4CKick Exhibition - Sneakers 4 Change

Collect And Donate

Sneakers 4 change collects and donates many pairs of sneakers every year. The organization has donated sneakers to orphanage homes in and round Johannesburg.

Some of the orphanage that have received donations include:

  • Twilight Children's Home
  • Emmanuel Children's Home
  • Ndlovu Children's Home
  • Johannesburg Children's Home
  • Barona Care Centre
  • Skatestain


Sneakers 4 Change often host events around the city to help market themselves and spread word of their good cause.


Sneakers 4 Change will have some of the sneakers under the clothing range Kai Endy. This will be a marketing tool to help raise funds.

For more information, click here.

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