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A Little Gem Lives In The Old Parktonian Sports Club - Rustic Cafe

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Rustic Cafe is one of the many restaurants in Joburg that is not afraid to explore and bring something new to the table. Stop by to experience everything on offer at the restaurant.

Rustic Cafe is situated in a busy neighbourhood of Joburg. The restaurant is tucked away inside the Old Parktonian Sports Club in Bordeaux.

The cafe has become the ultimate spot for foodies, sports fans, artists and students.

Rustic Cafe is a surprise for anyone who arrives at the Sports Club. The cafe is filled with character, from the food to music, the pub, cool events and the sports grounds.

Why You Will Love It

  • The food is delicious.
  • They offer a kiddies menu.
  • The pub is well stocked.
  • The events are always great fun.
  • They offer an events venue.
  • They play live sport.

Rustic Cafe


Rustic Cafe has a very diverse menu that allows you to explore. The versatile menu ranges from burgers and wings to ribs and much more. You can enjoy a filling breakfast, yummy lunch, tasty dinner and some delightful treats.

Or you can hit the pub for a cold one while enjoying the live game.

Rustic Cafe


Rustic cafe hosts events throughout the year. These events have customers coming back for more.

Events include the open mic sessions, on every second and last Thursday of the month. This is an opportunity to have fun, build confidence, meet other performers and have a good laugh.

And, there is no better combination than music, food and great company. So grab some friends and pop by for a meal. The mood at Rustic Cafe is always different. Some days are electric and other days are intimate. But the vibe at the cafe is always easy going.

Rustic Cafe

Have you been to Rustic Cafe before? Let us know about your experience in the comments section below!

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