Royal Academy Of Creative Arts

The arts have been proven to be a benefit to children. Why not let your child give one of these arts presented by the Royal Academy Of Creative Arts a try? You might be surprised and discover their hidden talent.

Who Are They?

Does your child want to learn the creative arts, such as music, drama, dance or fine art? Well then, visit the Royal Academy of Creative Arts, as they have some of the best teachers in the country to teach your child. Home lessons are offered and online lessons are in progress to happen soon.

What Do They Offer?

Classes in music, dance, dramatic and fine arts.

Where Are They Located?

28 Debonair Avenue Heldekruin, Roodepoort, Gauteng.

Royal Academy of Creative Arts

Safety Precautions Put In Place

All students have been advised to stay indoors and lessons now take place over Skype and Zoom.

Do They Deliver?


For More Information

For more information about the Royal Academy of Creative Arts, feel free to visit their website.

Details: 067 839 4715 | Facebook

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