Rooibos Hot Toddy

This warm and comforting boozy Rooibos Hot Toddy drink, with a South African twist, is not only delicious but it will also help sooth runny noses and stuffy chests.


Serves 2


2 Tbls Whiskey
4 or 6 slices ginger (R2 coin size)
1 Tbls lemon zest
1 Cup water
1 Rooibos tea bag
1 Tbls honey (or more if you like it sweeter)
1 Tbls lemon juice

How to make it

Divide the lemon zest and ginger between two glasses. Top with Whiskey (1 Tbls per glass) and allow to infuse while you prepare the tea.
Bring the water and tea bag to the boil.
Once it’s boiling, remove the teabag and add the honey. Stir until the honey has melted.
Pour the hot tea into the whiskey and add the fresh lemon juice (1/2 of each per glass).
Serve hot.

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