How We Roll – Ice Cream Roll-Ups For The Masses

Ever heard of rolled ice cream? Not? No worries – we’ll introduce you right away.

The latest and greatest culinary crazy is rolled ice cream. Yup. A thin layer of Ice cream “batter” (pretty much just sweetened cream) is placed on a steel plate kept cold by liquid nitrogen. Flavouring, such as fruit, chocolate and other fun stuff, is thrown in and then the “mixture” is chopped up with sharpened spatulas. Once finely chopped, it’s rolled up and served for you to enjoy.

We’re terrible at explaining things, so here’s a video of how cool ice cream roll-ups are. These particular roll-ups were made by a couple of guys in Maboneng called This Is How We Roll. Because watching your dessert get made is almost as fun as eating it!

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