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Dancing At Rockingnheels With Takkies

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Here's something that will get you excited about putting those heels on - Rockingnheels With Takkies. Dancing

Rockingnheels is owned by professional dancer, Nkateko Maswanganye (Takkies). She started these dance classes as a way to empower women and to create a space where ladies can feel free, comfortable and gain confidence.

What Is It?

Rockingnheels is a space for women to dance and enjoy themselves. All you need to do is bring a pair of heels, a positive attitude and have fun. It's that simple!

These classes bring together the best of dancing and fitness, creating a space where women can have fun while getting fit. You can either book group classes or bring a few friends for a wonderful time.

What's on offer:

  • Female Empowerment Events
  • Team Buildings
  • Bachelorettes
  • Birthdays
  • Groups Classes
  • Private Classes

Why Join Rockingnheels

Dancing - This is a great way to learn the art of dancing.

Learning - You will have the opportunity to learn new skills.

Exercise - It's a wonderful alternative to regular fitness regimens.

Confidence - This is a fantastic way develop confidence.

Expression - Dancing is a good form of expression and can be a brilliant way to relax.

Fun - This is an exceptional way to have some fun and just enjoy yourself.

Nkateko Maswanganye has created her own range of clothing inspired by dance. This range includes hoodies, t-shirts, one-piece knits, two-piece knits and rompers. You can buy these awesome items on their website and have it delivered.

Try out Rockingnheels for an authentic experience and fun with the ladies.

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