Revamping Car Parts Into Furniture


Got old car parts lying around in your garage? Instead of throwing them away like discarded rubbish, repurpose them into some awesome home decor pieces.

Old Tyres

Wheels make for fun DIY projects because you can really get creative with them. We particularly love revamping wheels into sitting stools, chairs or side or coffee tables. Find all the tools you need, plus a few extra products, to revamp your wheels into furniture from Builders Warehouse.

Car Fronts

If there’s an old car wasting away in your backyard, think about turning it into a large television stand or couch before taking it to the scrapyard. Sounds radical, we know! Below are some of the examples we found on Pinterest and absolutely love. In the creative world, nothing is junk – everything can be turned in something functional and fabulous.


So after you have repurposed your car front, body and wheels, what happens to the gears? Don’t despair, we have a new function for them too. Try turning the gears into lamps. How fantastically retro does that sound? You can get you lampshades to complete the job from Glo Lighting.

Tyre Rims

Let’s not forget about the rims, which can be turned into a table, shelf or even a hosepipe holder! Sounds rad, doesn’t it? Check out these awesome revamps below.

Got more ideas on how to revamp your car parts into furniture? Let us know below!

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