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Taste Something Unique At Thrupps Illovo Centre

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Illovo is one of the most vibrant places around the north. Not only that, Thrupps Illovo Centre is home to some of the best restaurants in the city.  Restaurants Thrupps Illovo

Thrupps Illovo Centre is a multi-purpose centre that has been around for years. It is the go-to spot for those wanting a night out.

This centre boasts amazing restaurants that each offer something different. Spend a night out and explore the city's best. What better way to have some fun than treating yourself to a lovely meal?

Restaurants Thrupps Illovo

Farro Illovo

Craving something different? Then visit the intimate modern European restaurant, Farro Illovo.

The restaurant tells a story with every plate - it's not just food, but art.

The restaurant is owned by a husband and wife tag team that use the knowledge and training they received in Europe to create masterpieces.

Farros Illovo is all about the simplicity of dining, making extraordinary meals in a simple way. The restaurant uses ethically sourced, free-range and hormone-free ingredients.

The restaurant is also home to some fine wines. They steer clear of familiar wines, instead they introduce a new taste with unique offerings.

Restaurants Thrupps Illovo

Turn 'n Tender

If you want a good meaty meal, then the Turn 'n Tender Steakhouse is just for you.

This steakhouse has stolen the hearts of South Africans, and it's no surprise that we love it so much. Try one of their perfect cut steaks to see why.

They have a wide and generous menu for you to enjoy, which includes vegetarian meals, seafood, poultry, grills, burgers and much more.

They boast a spectacular wine list, a perfect pairing for the steak.

Restaurants Thrupps Illovo

The Fishmonger - Pedro's Original

The Fishmonger is one of the best seafood restaurants in the city. They offer the freshest seafood - you can almost taste the sea in your mouth.

This Illovo branch was the first of the Fishmonger branches.

They source the finest ingredients to make sure that you get the best out of every meal.

Although their specialty is shellfish, fresh line fish and sushi, they have created a generous offering for the non-fish eater. These include organic beef and Portuguese grilled chicken, among others.

Restaurants Thrupps Illovo

Photo by Turn 'n Tender Illovo

With that whole mouthful, let's say cheers!

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